Know where to find a dress like this?

i keep having the image of this dress but i can't find it online and i really would like to find one. it goes just above the knees and is a soft silky green, it has a nice dropping neckline and sleeves that go just past the elbows. does anybody know where i could find a dress like this?

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Posted by: yancy016
Posted: 29th Apr 2011

yancy016 says: I saw a dress that sounds like what you are talking about, but is not green colour though.

Maybe you could just dye the cloth green? :) Reply


Posted by: yancy016
Posted: 30th Apr 2011

yancy016 says: or maybe this one? Reply


Posted by: geniebean
Posted: 5th May 2011

geniebean says: Light in the box? Reply


Posted by: lusicul
Posted: 23rd Jun 2011

lusicul says: Try ASOS maybe? prices there are quite reasonable. Or else have u considered getting a taylor made dress? :) Reply

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