Guns in shopping centres

How often have I been chilled by the confronting image of armed security guards at shopping centre handy banks ,vigilantly protecting money in the midst of family activity?
Is protection of our money worth the cost of a child being accidently shot ?

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Posted by: lurch101
Posted: 22nd Apr 2011

lurch101 says: They are there to defend the workers, the money and the rest us, they dont go around shooting willy nilly. Get real, the bad guys start shooting first so what would like the guards to do, just hand over the money before anybody fires the first shot. Reply


Posted by: Ollie
Posted: 17th May 2011

Ollie says: Hi dint,
I feel safer when I see a security guard, especially a vigilant (fit, armed, alert) one wearing a gun.

Money and other valuables (jewelery/artworks/etc) must be transported.

I agree with Lurch, that it is firstly for protection of those involved... van drivers, bank staff, and the public. Without this obvious security, there would be many more attempts at stealing where vulnerable lives are threatened.
Security guards are highly trained, to make appropriate decisions about the 'use' of their armory, or would you rather staff and the public 'arm' themselves with whatever???
Perhaps you think it is more preferable to call the police who may arrive after a 'time lag', and then also expect them to protect you and your child and also be unarmed?
Rediculous! I believe that security guards would not shoot if there was a probability of injury to an innocent bystander.
If you truly feel so 'chilled' by seeing an armed security guard, you should deal with your 'irrational' fear, and definately NOT expose it to any child. Reply


Posted by: Loopie
Posted: 6th Jun 2011

Loopie says: It's a reflection of the world we live in today. How many people are shot by security guards anyway? For the amount of time they are seen in public, and the amount of times people are shot, just goes to show that the problem of a child,or anyone getting accidently shot is miniscual, compared to the amount of times the Police shoot people in public sight, innocent or otherwise. Reply


Posted by: Brogers
Posted: 23rd Apr 2012

Brogers says: I believe it is for the better, I mean its not like our friendly security are going to shoot in an open area...I think they have been trained a little better than this. Reply


Posted by: Geords
Posted: 24th Sep 2012

Geords says: I don't have children but I have never been fearful that I may get hurt
By chub security. And most people tend to take a wide
Berth when they are doing there job. Reply

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