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Do ordinary folk ever get to experience the Northern Lights or take a jet flight into that realm beyond earth's atmosphere?

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Posted by: Chrissywin
Posted: 19th Apr 2011

Chrissywin says: No I imagine the only way they could do that is if they dream it. Reply


Posted by: sh
Posted: 30th Apr 2011

sh says: true Reply


Posted by: j4
Posted: 16th May 2011

j4 says: I have not seen the Northern Light but I have seen the Southern Light. I use to live in New Zealand and late one night on my way home from the movies I saw the coloured light. I use to live on a hill. I did not know what it was at the time so next day I asked my teacher. He was able to tell me what I had seen. Reply


Posted by: Frawdavlu
Posted: 17th May 2011

Frawdavlu says: Why not go to southern tassie and see the souther lights instead,less pain on your bank account that way. Reply


Posted by: dmic
Posted: 17th May 2011

dmic says: I've seen them and it was unforgettable. A cool, clear night while I was visiting in northern Maine, US. The whole sky lit up, shimmering and moving to a point above our heads. Almost looked like the intro to Dr Who. Locals said they hadn't seen it that big in years. Wish I had a camera. Reply


Posted by: GrannyG
Posted: 17th May 2011

GrannyG says: I've never seen the northern lights, but I have seen the southern lights - the Aurora Australis -
I used to live in a small town north of Wagga Wagga, NSW, and one night in winter I saw them from a hill on the edge of town. It was an amazing and awesome sight, taking up the whole width of the southern sky - shimmering green & blue light, rather like a curtain which moved and faded, then returned. I believe that it is very rare to see them so far north. Reply


Posted by: de1
Posted: 17th May 2011

de1 says: When I was a child, my father was the local GP in the Orkney Islands (roughly between Scotland and Iceland). We saw the Northern Lights every couple of months up there - it really is astonishingly beautiful and I stillhave photographs that my father took about 50 yearsago. Reply


Posted by: dint
Posted: 17th May 2011

dint says: Fantastic! A Southern Boralis !!! Now I know how to spend the rest of my life on earth.Thanks for the magic everyone.I feel transported. Reply


Posted by: arizona
Posted: 23rd May 2011

arizona says: The Northern Lights are stunning - another wonderful example of Mother Natures' genius. Well worth the effort to see them. Reply


Posted by: Timbo
Posted: 31st May 2011

Timbo says: I have not had the fortune to see the Northern Lights although as a child in the 1950's I saw the faint glow of the Southern Lights in Sydney (when there was much less light in the night sky around Sydney).
For his 21st birthday in October 2002 I gave my son the present of travelling via train from Winnipeg to Churchill in Northen Manitoba, Canada. Churchill is on the shores of Hudson Bay and well above the latitude at which the Northern Lights are visible. From the train he saw one of the best displays of the Aurora Borealis that had been seen there for 12 years. The phenomenon is due to ionised particles in the upper atmosphere, energised by radiation from solar flares, being drawn into the strong magnetic field of the Earth near the North Pole. Solar flare activity seems to follow 11 year cycles and that was a peak year.
My son also saw polar bears and artic foxes up close from a "Tundra Buggy" on that trip. He even got to drive the 12 foot high buggy for a short time. I'd like to go one day! Reply


Posted by: Dei
Posted: 20th Apr 2012

Dei says: Was also going to suggest northern Canada, was thinking of going there in next couple of months but the more expensive trip to Europe won out! So the short answer is, yes ordinary people can experience this phenomena on a holiday to Canada, Alaska or northern UK. Save your money, find a great travel agent & tell them you want to do it & then think positively, visualise your self there & save everything, even 5c pieces & you'll also get to see the lights. Good luck & enjoy the trip.....eventually. Reply


Posted by: glenoak
Posted: 7th Oct 2012

glenoak says: I am jealous of everyone who has seen the sounds fantastic. I'm sure I would love them. as I could sit and watch fireworks for hours on a new years eve.(If they had them on for hours, that is). Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to see them. I am quite ordinary though... Reply


Posted by: rosie
Posted: 11th Oct 2012

rosie says: I have no, unless your bill gates or simply rich than obviously no. Reply


Posted by: david
Posted: 13th Nov 2012

david says: richard virgin has already built a space ship which will take you into inner space,very costly but i believe many people have applied for thr flight.i also think from russia.a man has had the flight i thing Reply

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