Have you ever tried the durian fruit?

I'm told that this fruit is like a double edged sword and you have a love/hate relationship with it? You either love it or hate it!! It has a very strong pungent aroma but if you can get past the smell, the fruit itself is heavenly?? The smell is so strong that airlines forbid carrying this fruit on board the plane!! I'm not sure if it can be grown here in Australia but is common in the SE-Asian tropical region? I believe that the fruit is versatile in that it can be used in various foods, e.g. ice cream, pastry or even a drink!

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Posted by: Deb
Posted: 13th Apr 2011

Deb says: When visiting the UAE I had the misfortune to be shopping in a supermarket and there was an awful pong from the fruit isle. I've never actually tasted this fruit and due to past experience don't think I'll be able to try it to to it's absolutely horrible smell. Reply


Posted by: mummy2jj
Posted: 25th Apr 2011

mummy2jj says: you can buy them at your local woolworths stores. I can personally tell you that the fruit is disgusting as well as the smell. My sister in law bought one and we all tried it. it might be a aquired taste Reply


Posted by: yancy016
Posted: 29th Apr 2011

yancy016 says: O I so so so love the taste of durian. But you either love it or hate it. To quote someone, it is the smelliest custard you can find in the world. The durian tree can only be grown in tropical countries from my knowledge. Usually people hate it even before tasting it, but once you have a bite of the fruit you would be hook. It all depends on whether you dare to take the first bite. hahaha :) Reply

jules 1

Posted by: jules 1
Posted: 3rd May 2011

jules 1 says: No, I'm afraid I don't like durian fruit, ... like you say you either love them, or hate them, which is me.!

Julie Reply


Posted by: ahd
Posted: 3rd May 2011

ahd says: I think durian ice cream/cake sounds interesting and am sure it wouldn't smell as much?? This might help get people trying the taste without having to put up with the smell?? Reply


Posted by: Jacko
Posted: 4th May 2011

Jacko says: Have tried it in Malaysia but the smell can put you off but the inside is very delicious and it makes great ice cream. Reply


Posted by: monday16
Posted: 16th Jun 2011

monday16 says: This fruit only grown in SE Asia region. I grow up in Indonesia and I've had this when I was small. I used to liked it very much but now I can't even stand the smell. Mum always remind me how I loved eating this, squatting in front of the opened fruit with my dad whilst Mum & Grandma were watching us.

They have durian flavoured ice cream and cakes. They can also be a part of mixed beverages as "es campur" which is shaved ice with any kind of things you want to put in it. Usually it would be sweetened milk, kidney bean, mung bean, jelly, young coconut meat, and occasionally durian. Because this fruit is seasonal.

The "meat" is soft, with a very strong smell, sweet - custardy like in texture. And as ahd mentioned, either you love it or hate it. Very high in fat - I was told by my doctor not to have this when I was young because I was having acne problem. It can also caused you to have sore throat if you have too much. Reply


Posted by: ahd
Posted: 16th Jun 2011

ahd says: I wonder if you are able to buy durian ice-cream, cakes or "campur" here in Melbourne or Sydney? Might be an interesting experience?? Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 28th Jun 2013

ahd says: I wonder if you are able to buy durian ice-cream, cakes or "campur" here in Melbourne or Sydney? Might be an interesting experience??

PGS says: Try Asian grocery stores. Durian flavoured wafers were available in Sydney a few years back. Reply


Posted by: Pamz
Posted: 16th Aug 2011

Pamz says: `i would love to try durian it looks exotic, maybe in a cocktail would be nice.. :) Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 16th Mar 2012

PGS says: Mrs loves it (Thai) - but has to have it outside. I hate the smell. Reminds me of the presents babies leave in their nappies...

South East Asian countries they are not permitted in taxis, hotels, places of public gathering indoors...



Posted by: Suginamac`
Posted: 22nd Mar 2012

Suginamac` says: I am a durian fan from way back. It is the King of all fruits. Yes, if you can't handle the smell, you can't imagine eating it but it is soooo goooodddd. Reply


Posted by: bhayu
Posted: 23rd Nov 2012

bhayu says: Durian is THE KING OF FRUIT...I'm from Indonesia, and I really love it. Although some people maybe not like it because of the smell... The taste of the fruit is so rich, and it has some vitamins too in it. But, don't it too much or it will make you drunk because it has a little bit alcohol in it.
If you want to eat this fruit, before please make sure your blood pressure. If you have high BP, please don't try to eat this fruit cause it will make your BP higher.
You can transform this fruit become anything, ice cream, cakes, smoothies, it will be very delicious because of its rich taste.
I live in Adelaide now, actually when I was pregnant my first baby (he was born on August) I was really craving of this fruit, but only the smell. Unfortunately I couldn't find the fresh durian here :(( so sad,,,,, Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 6th Jun 2013

says: Durian fruit is an amazing fruit, yes it is very true though people either love or hate it but I personally love the smell of it and I enjoy the taste as well. Reply


Posted by: LISA
Posted: 10th Jun 2013

LISA says: I find when you go to a friends place they smell of beer especially if you dont drink ur self t find i get headaches from smell Reply


Posted by: dale_k
Posted: 10th Jun 2013

dale_k says: durian fruit is a helpful in boosting our immune system despite its foul odor and taste. haven't tasted the fruit itself but tried flavored candy bars,and i like it.they say once you tried eating durian fruit,you'll never stop craving for it.sounds interesting to me. Reply


Posted by: capri
Posted: 15th Jun 2013

capri says: I just loooveeeee this fruit!!! I'm Indonesian and I'm accustomed with this fruit and I'm addicted to it. Too bad of the strong odour I can't buy one and bring it home because my flatmate will gone crazy and starts yapping about it.
For first timers, don't try to eat the fruit because once you got those that has no taste you'd create a bad impression of this fruit. Try to find an ice cream or desserts that has durian flavour in it so you'd know how it taste. Reply


Posted by: vivienne.ha
Posted: 1st Jul 2013

vivienne.ha says: I can eat durian fruit and for me It's quite good. Reply


Posted by: ahd
Posted: 2nd Jul 2013

ahd says: Yes, it's a good idea to try an ice cream or even a durian cake before eating the actual fruit! There are some Asian food places that even sell a durian "shake" and that's close to the original flavour! Reply


Posted by: Gwyn
Posted: 8th Jul 2013

Gwyn says: Mine is a hate relationship with Durian, yuck. Reply


Posted by: essy
Posted: 15th Jul 2013

essy says: no, but i really want to! Reply


Posted by: jp
Posted: 6th Aug 2013

jp says: yes, back home in the Philippines it is very much well loved fruit as it has a lot of uses esp in desserts. I love eating eat despite the smell. Reply

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