Great skin before an important to do.

There is nothing worse, having a hot date, getting married. Having to go to some huge celebration and BAM! There it is a massive blind pimple that has come to make your life a living hell.
There are a few things that can be done to prevent this situation from occuring. I would also like to hear some other hints and tips.
The number one key here is prevention.
You can:
Drink water
Not exfoliate or mask at least 6 days prior to the event.
stay away from unhealthy foods
Ensure that you have a stringent skin care routine both morning and night.
Change your pillow case daily.
Use cleansers that don't dry your skin out like most anti blemish cleansers do.
Wear sunscreen.
Too late for that? It's there and you need to fix it now?
For sunburn, keep the skin wll moisturised and increase your water intake. It also helps to eat tomato paste as there is a vitamin that is strongest in cooked tomatoes and tomato paste is where it is most concentrated.
For pimples (blinders or otherwise)
DONT SQUEEZE you will only further inflame it!!!
Apply a pimple cream containing Benzol Peroxide or Salicylic acid, or for a natural alternative tea tree oil.
Applying toothpaste to the affected region 15 minutes before having a shower will help minimise.
Finally (last I can think of) concealer concealer concealer.
Anything anyone else has tried and tested and got results with?

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