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  • stretch
    Posted on:
    4th Feb 2011 12:29pm

    Last Post 8th Dec 2011
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    Family relationships

    good morning to all
    i have descuvered a new way of fighting back from a parents world turned upside down by court orders and laws that dictate to us parents
    all you need is a camera and a little imagination
    photograph the docs officers for starters
    and if possible get them to say hello or good morning good morning as the new cameras hold voices
    lawyers second
    thirdly then the lawyers families sons daughters wife
    fourthly photoes of the house where these people live
    then post them on the internet
    make sure you dont recieve funding for the photoes as well the address
    it is legal so long as you dont charge financial gain
    it sounds a lillte illegal but in nearly 5 years of doing this act i have not been charged as of yet
    and a little mutter in the pub when they are present in regards to how they earn there finances works great
    i have not seen my children in around 9 years because of court orders and a law that would not listen amd did not care for fathers or this is the way it seemed to me personally
    thank you

  • frilly
    Posted on:
    15th Feb 2011 11:47pm

    frilly says - Well Stretch I hope you feel really proud of yourself. Taking Photographs of innocent children and posting them on the Internet with their houses. If that family is persecuted by pedophiles and the like will that make you even happier.
    I believe now it is against the law to take photos and post them on the net without permission and don't you have to have permission to take photographs of children without the parents consent anyway.
    You are a very sorry individual Stretch, I can see now why you are in the situation you are in. You get little sympathy from me now after thaty posting it should be removed. hateful suggestions You sorry man

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