A little more thread to the dress please

hi there to all
i find that fashion has entered the lives of the young and allowed to go a little to far towards the naked side
a school child should consider how much skin she saw the model on the television show reveal
as well the local girls magazine
it looks great but you have unwanted attention as far as the daddy in your life is conserned
and how much money changed hands for the unrevealing of the near naked body for the display of a small dress or bikini top
how far down the children go is traditionally observed by the teens and shown in tv programs and magazines
but as a father definatelly dont want my girl aspecially to follow the lead of a bikini wearing model with great body parts on display
to walk down the street of a small town with half the male populations eyes falling out at the display
it would be great to see a little more thread and a little less bum and breast on display
thank you

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Posted by: stretch
Posted on: 4th Feb 2011

stretch says: when my grandmother was younger education included morals and this would have been reinforced at home
even the clothes they dressed in deplicts a whole new image compared to that of today
it is as if to remove your clothes in public is more important than personal morals
and this includes self respect

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