Children`s behaviour

I am appauled at the way children behave, not all I`ll grant you, but gosh I had a lovely friend and her children stay for a few days, man oh man, the boy who is about 7, wow if he could not get his own way, punched,kicked and swore at his mother for goodness sake if mine had of done that they would have been punished, but no this child`s grandmother, gives him what he wants to shut him up and says her daughter is too strict......I don`t know about other kids but I have seen kids behave like him.......Why are kids like this?

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Posted by: Tash001
Posted on: 28th Sep 2013

Tash001 says: It all comes down to parenting and learning in early life. If a child does not have appropriate role models and influences how can you expect a child to act appropriately. I'm 18 and was never smacked or spanked as a child but my parents were strict and enforced the rules in various other ways, none of which lead to any harmful psychological scarring. None of my siblings or myself received physical punishment when we were growing up and we all function appropriately within society. I have just become the legal guardian of a beautiful 1 and a half year old and am quickly learning different methods of teaching him what is right and what is wrong and hope that he does not turn out to be a terror like the 7 year old your describing.

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