Children`s behaviour

I am appauled at the way children behave, not all I`ll grant you, but gosh I had a lovely friend and her children stay for a few days, man oh man, the boy who is about 7, wow if he could not get his own way, punched,kicked and swore at his mother for goodness sake if mine had of done that they would have been punished, but no this child`s grandmother, gives him what he wants to shut him up and says her daughter is too strict......I don`t know about other kids but I have seen kids behave like him.......Why are kids like this?

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Posted by: DrAlphabatman
Posted on: 18th Sep 2013

DrAlphabatman says: What I think is the more important question is; why do adults behave like this?

Look at the confusion being created by two different adult figures in the childs life. Why does the child act up? Because they're being thrown loads of different signals and are also trying to test their boundaries. It's natural for humans to do this and I assure you it's not just children. It's everyone.

It seems to me that most kids are innocent and blaming kids is cheap as fuck, and strips the adult of responsibility. I get kids are a nightmare but they're kids. They don't have as much to go off as an adult does. They haven't learned what is acceptable and what isn't. By throwing this particular kid two different methods, the kid will never learn. Who's fault is it?

Blame the kid, right? Fuck that...

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