Children`s behaviour

I am appauled at the way children behave, not all I`ll grant you, but gosh I had a lovely friend and her children stay for a few days, man oh man, the boy who is about 7, wow if he could not get his own way, punched,kicked and swore at his mother for goodness sake if mine had of done that they would have been punished, but no this child`s grandmother, gives him what he wants to shut him up and says her daughter is too strict......I don`t know about other kids but I have seen kids behave like him.......Why are kids like this?

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Posted by: trix56
Posted on: 16th Jan 2012

trix56 says: I had 4 children, 3 girls and a (very) late boy. I never hesitated to give them a smack on the bum when they needed it. Not very often as they learnt from this what acceptable behaviour was. It was actually the WORST punishment you could dish out to my son. Generally a "look" or a word was enough. This was the same way I was brought up.
My children never got into alcohol and drugs as they seem to these days and all are responsible caring human beings living their own well-to-do family lives with children of their own. AND they are bringing up their children the same way.
The kids aren't perfect. They still misbehave as children are prone to do but mostly they are a joy to be round.
I know many people these days who WILL NOT smack their children and the children are self-centred, abusive little brats who have no idea how to behave.
As a grandma Yeah, I like to be a bit soft on the kids and tend to spoil them attention. But they know when grandma says "NO" she means it.

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