Children`s behaviour

I am appauled at the way children behave, not all I`ll grant you, but gosh I had a lovely friend and her children stay for a few days, man oh man, the boy who is about 7, wow if he could not get his own way, punched,kicked and swore at his mother for goodness sake if mine had of done that they would have been punished, but no this child`s grandmother, gives him what he wants to shut him up and says her daughter is too strict......I don`t know about other kids but I have seen kids behave like him.......Why are kids like this?

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Posted by: poisonedperfect
Posted on: 22nd Apr 2011

poisonedperfect says: i was raised properly and unlike the majority of the younger generation these days, i know the difference between disciplining your child and abuse.

the bottom (the most 'fatty' part of the child's body so as to not severely damage the poor kid) is sufficient enough for a smack as my father and mother have done when i was unruly etc growing up. discipline can easily turn into abuse if the parent/s continue on the 'lesson' simply because they want to 'vent' etc and not because they think the child hasn't learned their lesson.

i think in order for children to truly see this, we need to explain things clearly. i'm ridiculously fed up with the lack of common sense displayed by people nowadays.

@stretch. no adult would desire to be 'punched in the face' if they were unruly. the difference between a child being disciplined and punching a fellow adult in the face is... you should know better and should already have fully developed reasoning skills. children, especially when quite young, are still developing their reasoning for certain actions and that there are consequences to everything they do.

parents discipline their children in order to instill the association that, with a bad actions comes bad consequences.

*scoff* i'm aware of this at the age of 21... it amazes me how quite a lot of people older can't grasp this simple psychological concept. i'm glad that there is a topic about this on here.

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