Children`s behaviour

I am appauled at the way children behave, not all I`ll grant you, but gosh I had a lovely friend and her children stay for a few days, man oh man, the boy who is about 7, wow if he could not get his own way, punched,kicked and swore at his mother for goodness sake if mine had of done that they would have been punished, but no this child`s grandmother, gives him what he wants to shut him up and says her daughter is too strict......I don`t know about other kids but I have seen kids behave like him.......Why are kids like this?

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Posted by: 19chris51
Posted on: 23rd Nov 2010

19chris51 says: I totally agree with Lindy and Granma4, and I thank them for their coments, as i commented in an earlier post I`v seen some outlandish behaviour,and I am quite appualled, it is the do gooders at it again, they ruin society, I don`t say (and I have never ) beat a child, but a spank dosent go astray when they are naughty.
Children are told from an early age (school) that they have rights and I believe they do, but on saying that so have parents, children need boundries,otherwise how do they grow up to be responsable, rational adults, no boundries............. thats what we see a lot in (not all) todays young people

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