Ms julia gilliards" clothes

Sorry I do not have an image to put up but last Sunday morning on ABC TV they were talking about pictures that had made the papers earlier in the week
The two MEN took out a couple of photographs of our Prime Minister and her tour around meeting President Obama and other Heads of State and also Mrs Clinton.
They made a number of observations, a main one was "maybe our Prime Minister should have at least a stylist". they then showed the photo I think many people are talking about her in her dark suit, with the 3 buttons in the centre and her white blouse poking through the gap between her trouser waistband and her lowest jacket button
It looked for all the world that she had a fat stomach. Then they showed her with Mrs Clinton, I thinks she had the same suit or something similar and Mrs Clinton had that gold suit on. The comments made, " they could do with Trinny ( sorry I just cannot remember their names) The two women who came out from UK and showed people how to make the best of themselves". It just struck me she must be viewed in poor light when two men where picking about her clothes sense.
She is after all our Prime Minister, she may not be worried normally about clothes but she has to thinks she is representing our Country.
What better way to show the World what our designers can do, sending her out dfressed to be "Head of State"?


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Posted by: LizzyC
Posted on: 1st Dec 2010

LizzyC says: Totally agree here - someone please help Julia. Perhaps our NSW Premier can give her a few tips!!

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