Keeping skin as healthy and clean as possible not that hard anymore

By using Clear and Clean foam everyday you can have healthy and soft as babies skin. This product is only used for your face and i use it everyday and it's been just over a month now that i have been using it and i tell you all the pimples that were on my chin have dissapeared and all the blackheads near my lips and nose have just wiped out totally and i leave home/ my bathroom feeling so refreshed after washing my face with Clean nad Clear foam and i now know that i am not wasting my time buying these products. They actually work, no joke! so please if you are having trouble with blackheads and keeping your facial skin clear and soft i suggest you use this product. Clear and clean foam can be found in Coles or Woolworths and also in your local Chemist.

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Posted by: Bettina
Posted on: 22nd Aug 2011

Bettina says: I find Sukin products natural and without chemicals. I have adopted them

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