Nuclear power

People claim nuclear power mitigates CO2. What these people do not look at is how much CO2 is emitted in the mining of the ore, transporting of the ore, processing of the ore into yellow cake, transporting the ore and then making the reactor rods, transporting the reactor rods. Then these people do not consider how long the waste material takes to decay in a half cycle. Its something like 500,000 years. A very long time.

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Posted by: lpullman
Posted on: 30th Mar 2011

lpullman says: Pity there's nothing in that corner of the country that needs it and the transmission losses would be massive. There's also already the Ord River Scheme which could generate far more from hydroelectric than tidal power could ever do.

The methods for destroying it generally involve using it to generate electricity. After all, if it's radioactive then you have a source of energy to tap.

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