Allergy members - how do you shop for food?

Can you talk me through how you go about food shopping for yourself or a member of your family that has a food allergy. Do you go to the local supermarket or specialist store? If a supermarket, do you buy from the health food aisle or regular aisles? Do you have to check every ingredient label or do products advertise themselves well enough? Do you have to buy specific foods? Is your food bill more expensive as a result? And finally does your household all eat the same meals, or does the person with the food allergy eat separate food?

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Posted by: Ziah
Posted on: 5th Jun 2014

Ziah says: Around 30% of celiacs react to oats in exactly the same way as wheat (which I already stated happens to me). Oats have a different gluten-like protein in them, but we still react to certified gluten free oats exactly the same as we do to wheat.. It's got nothing to do with cross-contamination from where they're grown, or how they're processed. The Coles GF pasta is vile, especially in comparison to San Remo. I've tried all the pastas on the market at Coles, Woolies, IGA and the Health Food store - and like I said, they're also cost prohibitive when the quality just isn't there. Have you ever tried the pasta your nephew eats? Do you know what the taste is like compared to regular foods? Being celiac is extremely expensive if you buy the gluten-free packaged food on a regular basis - and like I said, I've been doing this for nine years now. I do my research thoroughly. I test products, and when I can justify the price versus quality, we buy it. And that doesn't happen very often, I can tell you.

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