I need help with writing a book???

I am trying to write a book about all the interesting things that happened to me and my family in Australia and prior to us migrating here. I could use some hints on how to structure this and in particular whether to tell the story in the first person or mix it up. I have lots of hilarious, funny and sad stories to tell. At present I'm narrating so I wont forget anything and I'm correlating facts and places. I just have no idea how to present it to the readers. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate any help. Cheers all

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Posted by: paradox
Posted on: 31st Oct 2011

paradox says: Ermar, thank you for your advice. I have already incorporated some of your suggestions. I have had to make enquiries with officials in the old country as have lost important documents during Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and my parents (deceased) have left me very little of our families history. So far I have had reasonable success with the authorities in Germany and I am piecing my early childhood together. In some cases the Internet is a great help as it lets me find additional contacts in a matter of minutes.
If anyone out there could guide me to a free program for my laptop so I can actually write in book form it would make it easier to arrange pages and illustrations. I am an old age pensioner and am not able to spend a great deal of money on these things. Cheers and thank you.

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