The salvation army

i have just been through a period of time where an organisation clamed they could find people
they lie they dont help fathers to find and to be able to see there children from broken relationships
so went in and started to verafy who works for the salvation army
the amount of police and police investigators located behind doors that should not just fall open is completely idiotic
why are we the general public donating money , clothes , household items to the supposed religious sector
lies and more lies
just wanted people to know what we found hiding instore
police with no real duties for a reason they are investigators
its a cruel world with more lies than they can dictate to us all

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Posted by: stretch
Posted on: 17th Aug 2012

stretch says: ok the negative atitude i will agree wqith you on this on my behalf
this is because when i asked the local group for help with my kids and they do this kind of thing for a cost i still have the paper work a copy of
i got nothing but hassle from them so went and got a few mates to help ot and bing we hit home there were police investigators inside the company and they decided who they helped out as long as they like you they will bend over and help you all but if you cross the line nothing but hassle
so all we give tehm now is the truth about who they are
if inb doubt you should visit a country area called armidale and see how many houses they have and see how many you or the church can get into without a lawyer
we have placed photoes and video recording on the internet to prove how legal this orgnisation is has become
in days parst they helped out he homeless nowdays tey place people in jails and in front of the courts
shame on nthe salvation narmy for the lies

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