The salvation army

i have just been through a period of time where an organisation clamed they could find people
they lie they dont help fathers to find and to be able to see there children from broken relationships
so went in and started to verafy who works for the salvation army
the amount of police and police investigators located behind doors that should not just fall open is completely idiotic
why are we the general public donating money , clothes , household items to the supposed religious sector
lies and more lies
just wanted people to know what we found hiding instore
police with no real duties for a reason they are investigators
its a cruel world with more lies than they can dictate to us all

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Posted by: Jay
Posted on: 5th Jul 2011

Jay says: This is true! The Salvation Army claim to be religious and good natured and truth be told some of them are. But others are not so great or helpful at all. My father was raised in the Salvation Army, his parents were Salvation Army officers. But how can they believe in, preach and love this so called god? My father was brutally beaten, unloved and hated by his parents. He loves them dearly and would love to feel the love that his brothers and sisters feel but they will not even speak to him. My grandfather once told me that we must believe in different gods when I confronted them about the way they treat my Dad. They got my father fired from many jobs, they served trespass notices on all of us grandchildren (6) all aged from 10yrs to 20yrs and in general are cruel heartless people!!! But maybe there is a verse in the bible that says "preach love from the pulpit but treat your own like crap."

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