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Australian Made has introduced a new advertising campaign, using the slogan “It’s never been more important to buy Australian than right now”. We wanted to see if this sentiment was echoed across the Cafestudy community. We asked our Cafestudy community if they are more likely to buy Australian made products; and how they identify products as being “Australian made”.

Many outlined numerous reasons to spend more if it means buying Australian products. There is also an obvious connotation of Australian products being of higher value and consumers are obviously willing to spend more for the perceived higher quality.

Australian products normally take care of quality, consistency and durability.

Australia has a high standard of food preparation then other countries so I feel that it is the safest way to go.

We prefer Australian because it is trusted and good in quality.

It’s a win to buy Australian made because the produce is known for their superior quality and high standards of production.

Consumers want to feel a sense of contribution, especially given the devastating events Australia has recently endured. Buying Australian made products allows for consumers to contribute to the Australian economy while feeling a self of self-gratification.

I love it when I can get an Australian grown or owned business that makes Australian made products as we are supporting our local community.

It has always been important to buy items that are made in Australia as I want to support companies in my own country Australia.

I’ve always made a point to buy Australian made and more so during these economic times when local communities need our support.

I believe we should support our farmers, producers etc when ever we can it helps keep our money within Australia

However, it is evident that there is confusion on what constitutes an Australian product, indicating an overwhelming need for clarity on product labelling. Many are experiencing difficulties identifying Australian made and owned products, with seemingly misleading labels.

It is however often hard to identify Australian made items 

We need to make good advertisement/ information about the label and the meaning of them.

What is disappointing is that it is hard to read some labels so you don’t know where they have come from.

Sadly I no longer trust the coding and logos.

Australian brands must be wary of their messaging and product packaging. Are you as a brand adapting these to align with the resonating desire to support local?

Brands must be clear and concise with their advertising and labelling of their products. Consumers understand that not every ingredient can be sourced from within Australia, but are wanting to know that they are helping the Australian economy bounce back and keep jobs in Australia.


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Posted by: chickenman
Posted: 3rd Jul 2020

chickenman says: if we don't support Australian made and owned products there will soon be none to purchase. buying Australian made products is vital for the Nation to survive as an independent Nation. Reply


Posted by: Recky
Posted: 18th Jul 2020

Recky says: As we emerge from the COVID-19 days perhaps it is time to reevaluate where we have industry. We have a new inland railway on the ease coast so maybe industries could be established nearby to that . This would re invigorate country towns Reply


Posted by: Ashish46
Posted: 22nd Jul 2020

Ashish46 says: I prefer buying Australian product as it is better to prosper a country I am currently residing and earning from. Furthermore. I undoubtedly buy Australian made food products and edibles without any hesitation. It's just I get in dilemma with buying Australian made technological products. Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 24th Jul 2020

PGS says: I buy Aussie made as much as possible. Sometimes there is no choice though. Reply

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