Australian made

How important is it for you to buy Australian made products?
How do you know if something is Australian made?
Have you ever thought you were buying an Australian product and then realised that it wasn’t? Please explain what happened.
Do you understand what the different versions of the 'Made in Australia' label mean?


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Posted by: bluey42
Posted: 16th Jun 2020

bluey42 says: Australian made means it's made in Australia by Aussie workers keeps the money in the country I do look at products if it's made here Reply


Posted by: huehua
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

bluey42 says: Australian made means it's made in Australia by Aussie workers keeps the money in the country I do look at products if it's made here

huehua says: l agree with u Reply


Posted by: huehua
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

bluey42 says: Australian made means it's made in Australia by Aussie workers keeps the money in the country I do look at products if it's made here

huehua says: l agree with u Reply


Posted by: daisy
Posted: 16th Jun 2020

daisy says:
For me it is very important as it keeps people employed and helps the economy going. Plus the things made here are not junk and seem to last.
Yes I have bought an Australia product and realised it wasn't.
Made in Australia should mean it is made here. I always have a look now before I buy. Some say made in Austrralia with less than 10% Astralian ingredient. Where does the other 90% come from. With food of it says made in China I put it back.



Posted by: MRfuzzy
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

daisy says:
For me it is very important as it keeps people employed and helps the economy going. Plus the things made here are not junk and seem to last.
Yes I have bought an Australia product and...

MRfuzzy says: I agree if made in China I won't buy it Reply


Posted by: funnysag
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

MRfuzzy says: I agree if made in China I won't buy it

funnysag says: I will avoid made in most countries not just China as I only want locally or nationally sourced items as we can provide for ourselves and must do. Reply


Posted by: huehua
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

daisy says:
For me it is very important as it keeps people employed and helps the economy going. Plus the things made here are not junk and seem to last.
Yes I have bought an Australia product and...

huehua says: you should always check for aussie made logo Reply

David W

Posted by: David W
Posted: 16th Jun 2020

David W says: Well my importance to buy Oz has changed in recent years! I always checked labels and where possible bought Australian. But then due to falling sales and cheap Asian competition my company pulled out and we all found ourselves redundant. So you may say that would make me more determined to buy Australian but the answer is no! The Australian buying public let me down, as did the government. So I have become a savvy shopper and truthfully can’t afford to pay the premium for a lot of Aus made stuff.
So if you do buy Australian you have to be very careful, some try an Oz flag and ‘designed in Australia’ or even ‘designed for Australia’! This did actually catch me very recently, I didn’t feel so bad as the steel product was made in Cambodia (a poor developing country) and not China!
Food is a bit easier due to the government’s ‘new’ content scale which shows the amount of local content. It is easy to check this standard gauge which is the same design on all products.
So we have 1. Made in Australia, may be imported content. 2. Made in Australia from % local content. 3. Made in Australia from 100% local ingredients 4. And the bonus of 100% Australian owned.
.......... It’s a minefield! Reply


Posted by: ned
Posted: 16th Jun 2020

ned says: Made in Australia means to me that it is made from Australian products in Australia. No imports not made by another country from Australian products.
Civid 19 should have taught us a huge lesson that we need to start buying our Aussie made products and boycott imports so we can be a self suffient country because we can if we want to be Reply


Posted by: bubblymaria
Posted: 16th Jun 2020

bubblymaria says: Australia made is very important as we seem to be loosing it all. We need to keep jobs and control of some industries. I feel safer eating using Australia made products, our product control is better than some other countries.
But I do get made when items say made in Australia but then you find out they are only packed in Australia.

It’s hard sometimes to confirm if it’s really Australia made even with the logo.

I try my best to seek Australia made but must admit sometimes it’s hard and I stray.

Specially now with colvid19 I feel it’s even more important to support Australia our home. Reply


Posted by: gramonaghan
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

gramonaghan says: The more I hear the more concerned I am about how reliant we are on China. It is time that we reestablish industries in Australia, and give China a big miss. Reply


Posted by: BL
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

BL says: Made in Australia should mean grown/manufactured/sourced from Australian producers/suppliers. I keep seeing products "made in Australia" with imported ingredients. It is vitally important to support Australian farmers, growers and manufacturers so that our supply chain is local and not able to be thwarted by pandemics or overseas trade embargoes. I look for our flag on products and read labels to ensure that the product is totally Australian produced. I have been caught before when I read the fine print about made here, but from 90%imported ingredients. Yes it may cost a little more but look at the bigger picture and support local. Reply


Posted by: Kevinthomson
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Kevinthomson says: I prefer Australian made as it helps the economy and in most cases is better than overseas products Reply


Posted by: Kevinthomson
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Kevinthomson says: In most cases Australian made products have the Australian made logo on them Reply


Posted by: Kevinthomson
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Kevinthomson says: I perchased a product that had the Aust made logo only to find out later at home that it was not Australian Reply


Posted by: Kevinthomson
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Kevinthomson says: yes but not always accurate Reply


Posted by: Wildcat
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Wildcat says: I always check the labels on items or products in an attempt to buy Australian. Some items are marked as Australian content and then you find they have very little Australian content at all. Buying Australian no-matter what it is ensures more jobs for those in Australia and also monies stay in this great country. Please - Buy Australian. Reply


Posted by: nana
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

nana says: Really these days, is it possible to find anything 100% Australian, made, and owned?


Posted by: AnxiousOne
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

nana says: Really these days, is it possible to find anything 100% Australian, made, and owned?

AnxiousOne says: Yes, it is very possible to get fully Australian made, owned, grown products in all sorts of categories.

Sometimes you just have to look a little bit harder, but your search is usually rewarded. Reply


Posted by: margaretjulia
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

margaretjulia says: I believe we all should try and purchase Australian Made. We need to be aware that there are many versions of the Australian Made labelling and we need to look at the fine print. Our manufacturing jobs have gone overseas and there is a lack of expertise in Australia. It has been experienced in many areas during the virus from medicine to hardware components. Australia should be self sufficient in all areas as it was in the 1950's and 1960's. Reply


Posted by: 99jziz
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

99jziz says: Buying Australian made products has become increasingly important since my income has increased. When I was a university student, it never occurred to me whether or not something was Australian made. However, right now, I will nearly exclusively buy Australian-made grocery products. Nearly all of the items that I purchase from Coles or Woolies are at least 90% Australian made. For fresh fruit/vegetables and meat, this is non-negotiable. I certainly won't buy fish from overseas after seeing a number of documentaries about mercury poisoning in offshore fisheries. Unfortunately, for non-grocery items, I feel as though I don't really have a choice. Australian-made clothing comes at a very high premium, and lacks the range of styles that overseas clothing has. Electronics are nearly all made in China, and other household items made with plastics or silicons are also made in China.

I determine whether a product (grocery store item) is Australian made by reading the packaging to see the indicator (with the kangaroo, and telling me what % is made in Australia). Other members seem to doubt these, but I have never come across a reason to doubt them. But that might be for my lack of awareness.

I have been duped into buying Australian seafood before. When shopping for prawns, I was confused because the Australian prawns were the same price as the Thai prawns. I naively purchased them (as a loyal customer thinking I was getting a steal). It was only until a friend (who worked at the seafood vendor) told me that his boss told customers to lie about the origin of the prawns that I started to become sceptical about labelling for seafood and meats. In order to kerb this problem in the future, I buy my seafood from one seller exclusively whom I trust will not lie to me. I also simply practise common sense about the price - if it's too cheap, it's probably too good to be true and not actually a product of Australia!

With regards to the 'Made in Australia' label, I think I know what they mean. I believe they are self-explanatory - showing what % of the product was sourced in Australia. But again, I have never had my understanding tested so I might be wrong. Reply


Posted by: MRfuzzy
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

MRfuzzy says: I love it when I can get an Australian grown or owned business that makes Australian made products as we are supporting our local community and the money you buy the products with gets to remain in Australia to buy more goods and services with more Australians in the work force. Australian made goods all have the Australian made logo on them. If it is only assembled in Australia from imported goods then it has to say this on the product. The other way is to have a Australian grown product which is also a different logo on it. Have I ever thought I was buying an Australian product and realised it came from somewhere else,well it used to happen a lot before they brought in the new system of labeling,so it doesn't happen anymore as I make certain I buy local before going anywhere else,and if I have to get someone to make something for me I'm willing to pay extra for it. Reply


Posted by: Sweetness
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Sweetness says: Oh yes made in Australia is just what it means should not mean anything else,
All our products should have stayed and made in Australia not sent out to other countries to be made my Husband has worked on Planes , Trains , and Busses , now all gone unbeliveable so disapointing all those jobs and many more to give to our workers not good , Alot of the Politicens are stupid they just can never get it right......... Judith Reply


Posted by: mare
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

mare says: It is more important now supermarkets need to have a dedicated section
I'm not sure about the last one... Reply


Posted by: Lilibet
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Lilibet says: Australian made can mean made in Australia from locally grown or sourced resources. It might mean made here from some home resources and some from overseas and as such should display a simplified graph of the percentages. Made in Australia can also mean it is made here from totally imported resources.
I always look to see where products are made and what they are made from. There are different Australian made logo on products which make it confusing to see at a glance what is and isn’t Australian. It would be great to see an Australian made aisle in all supermarkets.
Australian goods made by Australian workers employed by Australian companies which keeps the money in Australia. Not many of these companies left in Australia as the throw away fast society is happy to pay less for goods which don’t last and which are thrown away rather than repaired and reused.
I prefer to buy goods and always buy Australian grown and made first. There have been times when I can’t find what I need so I don’t buy anything and look to other shops to see if I can source those items elsewhere. Farmers markets and roadside stalls are good sources of real Australian goods.


Posted by: Robie
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Robie says: Yes - i try when i shop look for and buy Australian but it is not always possible.With the pandemic manufacturers should look at producing a greater range of products - diversification i thinks it is called. From what i understand Australian made is a tag connected to the item - it is green and yellow with the words "Australian made". Others mainly grocery items have Australian made - with an extension of made in Australia with items in it supplied from overseas. The different versions of "Made in Australia " i do not fully understand. Reply


Posted by: woman
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

woman says: When I Frist started work jobs were ever where and then we started sending all our work overseas why not bring it back I rather Patmore for stuff that are made in Australia Reply


Posted by: Tracyb
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Tracyb says: It is always a positive to support Aussie companies. I try and look at the Aussie made logo on products which quotes the % of Aussie ingredients. However, it is not always possible so I don’t feel too guilty if I have to buy something else. I remember buying a product previously where the company was taken over and no longer Aussie and I didn’t realise it. Can’t remember what it was now. No, I am not aware of the different Made in Australia labels. Reply


Posted by: franken
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

franken says: We try where we can. We observe the barcode on the packaging and if it starts with 93 then we are pretty sure its Australian. Reply


Posted by: Magdalene
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

Magdalene says: I’ve always made a point to buy Australian made and more so during these economic times when local communities need our support. It’s a win to buy Australian made because they’re produce known for their superior quality and high standards of production. I consciously look out for country of origin labels and would select those that feature a kangaroo in a triangle logo. I never go wrong with opting my favourite Arnott’s, Bushells, Vegemite, Uncle Toby’s and Rosella brands among many other well known Australian Made brands. The Australian Made, Australian Griwn Logo also helps me recognise that all ingredients are from Australia and not imported. I’m proud of Australia and being Australian.. “Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie.. Oi! Oi! Oi!!” Reply


Posted by: lynneeime
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

lynneeime says: It is very important for me to buy Australian made products because there have been too many cases of people getting really sick from products from overseas. I always look for the Australia made label and the Australian made logo on the package.I didn't actually buy this product, although it had an Australian made label, the ingredients were actually from overseas a nd then made up here in Australia. Needless to say I didn't buy the product. Reply


Posted by: 2020
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

2020 says: Most important to buy Australian to keep the country self sufficient and not to rely on overseas counties for all our goods which we have done. One can see if its Australian made by buying at businesses that you know make goods in Australia. Yes we have the made in Australia tags etc , but it doesn't mean it was made here as alot of goods have false tags and are made in another. Been caught out buying goods that say are made here but arent as they may be finished here but are ingredients etc from other countries and then they can say made in Australia. Yes was very disappointment as it was food and couldn't return it. Its confusing with the made in Australia labels as they have various criteria to get the label , needs to be changed. Reply


Posted by: trishf
Posted: 17th Jun 2020

trishf says: To me Australian Made means it's made by Australian workers using Australian produce, meaning the money is paid to Australian's who put it back into our economy. I've found products that said they were Australian Made only to find in small writing that they used products sourced from Overseas. These products I will only ever use if I cannot find a product that is 100% made in Australia. Reply


Posted by: Jezemeg8
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Jezemeg8 says: I always prefer to buy products that are not only made in Australia, but sourced from Australian grown, produced ingredients as well. I look firstly for the green symbol and then read the label to see whether the ingredients are imported firstly, or whether it is truly Australian made and produced. Simply sewing on a label after a garmet etc is imported does not equate to being Australian made! Reply


Posted by: shaper
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

shaper says: As far as I remember Made in Australia sometimes means it was made here but the ingredients are often sourced from another country .So not all the profits come to Australia. .I always try to make sure anything I buy is not only made here but also all the ingredients are from here as well, but that is not always the case even if they say its made here. Since this pandemic some Australian companies have had to go into liquidation. Which is a terrible shame Which often means we don't have much choice. Reply


Posted by: China1
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

China1 says: Buying Australian made products is very important but price is always the downfall. Reply


Posted by: MetcOla
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

MetcOla says: Until COVID-19 I respected Australian Made but it wasn't a deciding factor in my purchase (nor something I even checked). Now, I see more than ever, the importance of supporting our people, products and economy. There are some products I will buy from other countries because they just taste better (like tinned tomatoes from Italy) but I am now checking every label for origin. There are now countries (that don't need to be named) that I refuse to buy from now.

Most Australian made products have the little triangle icon we are all aware of but I also look for it in the title then see if the ingredients are also Aussie. I understand it is not always possible to be 100% Australian sourced but being packed here is still great and provides jobs. I would be great if labels did specify where other ingredients were sourced from, and what %.

I can't think of an example where I thought I was buying something Australian made which wasn't.

Made in Australia: thinking this refers to being manufactured, produced or grown in Australia? Reply


Posted by: vickbenla
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

vickbenla says: I’m not sure, but I always check “produce of” Australia don’t take much notice of logos Reply


Posted by: jocol
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

jocol says: I do this wherever possible unless products is poor value for money ot not as high in quality as the alternative
Look for Made in Australia able or additional information on the packaging
Not really. I check when assessing a new product.
Yes although the location based percentages can be confusing as content could refer to any stage in the production process. Reply


Posted by: beavis
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

beavis says: It is very important to me to buy as much Australian made as I can.
I typically look at the label to find where the product is made.
I have in the past purchased goods that I thought were Australian as I didn't look closely enough at the Australian Made logo to check on the percentage but I am now much more vigilant and whenever I can, I will purchase goods that are 98% or more Australian made. I am now also more vigilant as to buying Australian owned if possible as there are now so many Australian made products that are owned by foreign companies. I belong to a group on Facebook which identifies these products which helps with my choices but it getting harder and harder to find goods that are both Australian made and Australian owned. We are gradually selling off the whole country and I find it quite disturbing. Reply


Posted by: shaz
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

shaz says: I will never buy fruit and veg that is imported, I prefer to go without rather than buy the imports.I previously hosted overseas teachers and they would all point out the souvenirs were made in China. I believe if a product is made in Australia but the parent company is overseas I would still buy the product as it is keeping Australians employed.

Izzy bee

Posted by: Izzy bee
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Izzy bee says: I think it is better to buy Australian made products it keeps our customers happy and the people products and jobs for fellow Australians. The economy is better and helps all involved so our country can thrive and grow. Reply


Posted by: Henna101
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Henna101 says: Made in Australia means all ingredients are 100 per cent plus this way it is made by Australians. I have been caught out before only to find that it was only 80 per aus ingredients Reply


Posted by: asined
Posted: 18th Jun 2020



Posted by: tiffy31053734
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

tiffy31053734 says: It very important. It keeps people employed businesses open and the money stays in the country. It's a win win for everyone. The only thing is we can't get greedy with wages and the price paid for the product. Otherwise if we want it cheap them you can only pay low is there not to run on good will but to make the owners money as well.. let's hope we can get the balance right and make our country self efficientl again Reply


Posted by: Chris
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Chris says: Made in Australia means exactly that but doesn't always necessarily mean that the ingredients are all local. In fact that's often not the case, it pays to read the small print. I think we should all be buying Australian if and when we can, it will make the economy stronger. Reply


Posted by: GarryM
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

GarryM says: Australian made means made in Australia by Australians.

It may be made with overseas indgredients. Reply

jules 1

Posted by: jules 1
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

jules 1 says: My understanding is the product is made in Australia by Australian people, not in China by Chinese! Having said that, there are food products that I have picked up in a Supermarket which states Australian made, but afraid not 100% Australian made.
It's time Australia stops these imports from China, and we stand on our own two feet for once, .. we can do this Australia! Reply


Posted by: Kiwi47
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Kiwi47 says: It is so hard to find as if it’s even got 10% it’s got a label is Australian made it’s so deceiving. We need to be sure it’s made in australia with Australia ingredients by Australian workers and we all need to support them Reply


Posted by: nipper@1
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

nipper@1 says: no i dont really know i always thought everything was from australia Reply


Posted by: roger1
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

roger1 says: Boy, is the "Australian made" issue confusing!
I try my hardest to buy Aussie products since it's good for jobs and the economy but companies make it difficult.
Luckily. almost all fruit and veg is Australian GROWN and supermarkets are good at labelling this. I have been caught out buying oranges that had an Aussie flag on the wrapper but (if you used a magnifying glass) the little stickers said "California".
For most canned goods, such as tinned fruit, you have to read the label carefully. Sometimes the product says "Aussie owned" or "packed in Australia" but the fruit is from overseas.
I don't really understand the different versions of "Made in Australia" - perhaps it means assembled here from overseas components. I would expect "Product of Australia" meant that at least 90% is grown here.
I do get angry if I feel tricked when i thought I bought an Aussie product and it wasn't! Reply


Posted by: Stormed
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Stormed says: Unfortunately Australian made doesn't necessarily that it's entirely made in Oz, or that it's made from Australian products. As we have found during the current pandemic, our manufacturing seriously falls short when other sources are unavailable. I think we need to think long and hard about regenerating our manufacturing industries so that we can always be assured that essential products will be available when we need them. The added benefit of this is that more jobs will be created and more profits will stay in the country to help our economy.


Posted by: beej
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

beej says: I whole heartedly agree with buying Australian made products mainly because it's a million times more environmentally friendly, less travel miles for a product. Things like honey can be more beneficial to hay-fever sufferers. Items are less likely to involve cruelty or slave//child labour.
It is however often hard to identify Australian made items especially food when it states made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. And it's also hard to know if the standards of food production are as good as ours. In the end you pay for what you get.
So wherever you are living in this world I believe you must do your very best to buy local at every opportunity and if it's not local then at least environmentally sound. Reply


Posted by: socker
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

socker says: Since the COVID 19 pandemic I have been actively buying Australian wher possible even if slightly dearer but problem is the many companies that are foreign owned Reply


Posted by: funnysag
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

funnysag says: I will buy 100% Australian products or fruits & vegetables majority of the time. I always look at the percentage of Items in the product and also where it is manufactured. I sometimes bought a product and thought it was 100% Australian and then found out it wasn't so I never get the same item again.
We need better labelling as the label can sometimes be misleading. Reply


Posted by: Mastimo
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Mastimo says: It is important to me to buy Australian made and better still Australian owned and Australian made.
I have purchased items that state Australian made only to read packaging properly once home to find out its made in Australia from a very high percentage of imported products.
If possible I also try to buy locally made products.
I believe we should support our farmers, producers etc when ever we can it helps keep our money within Australia which in the long run you would like to think it helps all of us.
Also buying locally and Australian made cuts down on food miles which also helps the enviroment. Reply


Posted by: snakelady
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

snakelady says: Its very important to buy Australian made even more so now It keeps jobs in Australia we can do anything here we do not need cheap China knock offs
Most products made in Australia have the Aussie flag on them and / or the green and gold Australia with the kangaroo on it Just look also for the Made in Australia.
Yes I gone to purchase an item that made made in Australia but when you looked at the label it was incorrect came in from overseas and only imported around Australia I put back on the shelf and looked for an Australia product
We should all be trying to only use Australia I know its hard but the more we do the more we dont have to import and thats awesome for Australia Reply


Posted by: Vatz
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Vatz says: It is important to buy Australian made products for Australian, but do this country produce all products we need? Of course not.
Same products have special stamps or Australian LOGO on products. Wery often buying products in shops I thing the product is made in AU but as I know some product are imported and I have accepted this. Not really I can see the differences in MADE IN AUSTRALIA labels. We need to make good advertisement/ information about the label and the meaning of them.
If we will only buy MADE IN AUSTRALIA product we will have problems to import products from oversea and also problem to export products MADE IN AUSTRALIA. Reply


Posted by: allu
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

allu says: Frankly, Australian made products are EXCELLENT and TRUSTWORTHY because Australian products normally take care of quality consistency and durability . They are not aiming only PROFIT but always think of benefits and advantages for their CUSTOMERS and try to give fullest satisfaction for their investment . In my view AUSTRALIA is the best and safest COUNTRY in all respect in the world. We always pray our BEST WISHES . Thank you . Reply


Posted by: G
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

G says: Yes I do understand and I’m always checking all labels making sure that it’s directly made in Australia not just either designed, then manufactured. So it can be tricky to others, it’s best to do a thorough check. Reply


Posted by: Goulah
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Goulah says: This would have to be one of the most frustrating shopping issues for me. I am visually impaired and cannot recognise words. This means that I have to depend on the label via the product picture and visual clues eg the Australian Made logo amongst others.

Wherever possible I buy Australian Made but invariably find it is “75% Australian” or “assembled in Australia from imported goods”. On top of that there are many companies that are purported to be Australian but are wholly owned by overseas interests so where is the line drawn?

Unless there is someone close by in the supermarket aisle I can ask to read the labels to me (rare in these troubled Covid times) I use an app. This is unwieldy and takes a long time. It does however show up some misleading labelling. Recently I scanned the barcode with my app and it came up saying “product of Indonesia” although the coding said it was Australian. Sadly I no longer trust the coding and logos. Reply


Posted by: lorjim9
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

lorjim9 says: Hate it when the products we buy are Australian but it is ship to another Country then its ship back to us from overseas like Aussie fish caught in Australia sent to china then come back via New Zealand
we are starting to wake up but do not see a light at the end of the tunnel when workers overseas are paid a dollar a hour but here OZ its a about $15.00 a hour
so what is the answer when business go overseas for the cheap labour Reply


Posted by: sweetypieelizabeth
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

sweetypieelizabeth says: Yes I am always looking at where a Product is Made before I Purchase....I find it so ridiculous when I see Food that We Produce NOT AVAILABLE and Products from Other Countries AVAILABLE instead...Like Prawns...Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. ..Woollen Products....We have so many Sheep here ! Reply


Posted by: Michael
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Michael says: I try to buy Australian made products when I can but it is getting harder. I buy DVDs etc from overseas as well as Australia but I find I can't get the best editions in Australian discs. Reply


Posted by: Vivace
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Vivace says: Very important
I see the symbol and read the packaging
No, as I always look at the information printed on the packaging
Yes, as it may be made in Australia, but with imported goods Reply


Posted by: jamo
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

jamo says: Read the label , made in Australia means MADE in Australia ,benefits Australians, also some goods are produced overseas and Packed in Australia. What is disappointing is that it is hard to read some labels so you don’t know where they have come from. Reply


Posted by: rtgraf
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

rtgraf says: How important is it for you to buy Australian made products?
It has always been important to buy items that are made in Australia as I want to support companies in my own country Australia. Australia has a high standard of food preparation then other countries so I feel that it is the safest way to go. In these days of covic virus and so many Australian people out of work, it is our duty to by Australian made to help the locals and bring the Australian Economy to what it was.

How do you know if something is Australian made?
I look for the Australian logo to initially find Australian made items. You also have to look closely to what is written on the packaging because although it is Australian made I want to know what % of the ingredients are sourced from Australia. Although it is Australian made does not mean that the ingredients are Australian. I really get cranky when the label says that a certain % is sourced from Australia and the rest of the % is no and they do not t mention where they were sourced and what are the ingredients are .It should be law that we should know what we are putting into our system. We are paying for the item we have every right to know.

Have you ever thought you were buying an Australian product and then realized that it wasn’t?
Yes I have plenty of times. but at times have no choice, as there are items I use that are a high percentage Australian but dont know what the other % that are imported. In this case as long as it is a very high % percentage Australian I still buy it but the pack still does not tell you which ingredient is Australian and also does not tell us where or what the other % is imported from . This is just not right. Companies should wake up to them selves as we dont want ingredients that are imported mixed in with Australian ingredients.
Do you understand what the different versions of the 'Made in Australia' label mean?
Yes it just mean exactly what it says. That it is made in Australian BUT does not mean the ingredients are grown or made in Australia. eg last week I bought coffee beans and on the pack it said ...Packed in Australia but beans are imported to USA from imported beans.
How silly. We want Australian Made but also Grown in Australia. Reply


Posted by: sirrom50
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

sirrom50 says: 1..... To buy Australian made products is too expensive.
2..... If it is Australian made it should state that everything is from Australia.
3..... Yes it said a Product of Australia with some imported products.
4..... Made in Australia means it was made here from imported products. If it is Made by Australian workers and Australian things like wool then it should state made with Australian grown wool. Reply


Posted by: Genie
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Genie says: Yes, particularly in these times, it is important to buy Australian, if you can. Every business has been impacted by the CoVid pandemic which in turn impacts employment, business viability and consumer confidence. I think we can make some adjustments in Australia. Australian produced and manufactured means Aussies have been at work to do just that ; produce and manufacture! That equals jobs and could even be yours!!
Look carefully at the Australia Made logos and notice ‘Australian Made’, ‘Australian Grown’ and ‘Product of Australia’ labels. They can be misleading. The last of these, ‘Product of Australia’ means that materials and manufacturing has nearly ALL been done in our country. Let’s make a more concerted effort to buy Australian. We’re worth it! Reply


Posted by: Genie
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Genie says: Yes, particularly in these times, it is important to buy Australian, if you can. Every business has been impacted by the CoVid pandemic which in turn impacts employment, business viability and consumer confidence. I think we can make some adjustments in Australia. Australian produced and manufactured means Aussies have been at work to do just that ; produce and manufacture! That equals jobs and could even be yours!!
Look carefully at the Australia Made logos and notice ‘Australian Made’, ‘Australian Grown’ and ‘Product of Australia’ labels. They can be misleading. The last of these, ‘Product of Australia’ means that materials and manufacturing has nearly ALL been done in our country. Let’s make a more concerted effort to buy Australian. We’re worth it! Reply


Posted by: Jabucat
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Jabucat says: Do I understand? No, as it seems to mean many things and changes take place so often. What does Australian 99% mean. I could list a heap of anomalies here. There should be more specific guidelines, and one in particular will make it easy. If it says Made in Australia or Produced in Australia it should mean that alone. We should not have to scrutinise the label to try to figure out how much of the content is Australian, or what else is in the product from other places. If it has important content, the label should read Made in /Produced in Australia from local and imported content. Then the content and the original country should be listed. A huge label? of course, but we expect to know what we are consuming or using or even wearing. Reply


Posted by: Genie
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Genie says: Yes, particularly in these times, it is important to buy Australian, if you can. Every business has been impacted by the CoVid pandemic which in turn impacts employment, business viability and consumer confidence. I think we can make some adjustments in Australia. Australian produced and manufactured means Aussies have been at work to do just that ; produce and manufacture! That equals jobs and could even be yours!!
Look carefully at the Australia Made logos and notice ‘Australian Made’, ‘Australian Grown’ and ‘Product of Australia’ labels. They can be misleading. The last of these, ‘Product of Australia’ means that materials and manufacturing has nearly ALL been done in our country. Let’s make a more concerted effort to buy Australian. We’re worth it! Reply


Posted by: mtc
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

mtc says: It is very important to buy Australian made to support local made products.. I do read the labels and contents.. I check them all out. I support Australian maxd Reply


Posted by: mtc
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

mtc says: Very very important.. Keep our money here and help our workers Reply


Posted by: Genie
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Genie says: Yes, particularly in these times, it is important to buy Australian, if you can. Every business has been impacted by the CoVid pandemic which in turn impacts employment, business viability and consumer confidence. I think we can make some adjustments in Australia. Australian produced and manufactured means Aussies have been at work to do just that ; produce and manufacture! That equals jobs and could even be yours!!
Look carefully at the Australia Made logos and notice ‘Australian Made’, ‘Australian Grown’ and ‘Product of Australia’ labels. They can be misleading and sadly, not what we may think they mean! The last of these, ‘Product of Australia’ means that materials and manufacturing has nearly ALL been done in our country. The other two are for products where only SOME of the manufacturing done here in Australia. This is deceptive and not widely understood, in my opinion.
Let’s make a more concerted effort to buy Australian. We’re worth it! Reply


Posted by: Col
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Col says: It is very very important that we seek to buy australian made products
Check the place of origin to see if Australian made
Yes have looked at buying , even food only to find that it is say 90 % australian. How can edible food such as pasta , pies, etc be other than australian made? Reply

no name

Posted by: no name
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

no name says: This is such an issue for me! After a big change in size,Ii had to buy all new clothes this winter. Initially I was looking for clothes to wear on a cruise, but obviously that fell apart. So I was focusing on clothes to wear at home. We went into isolation quite early due to my husband having a health issue. I looked online and discovered no sites list country of origin on their information pages. Frustrated, I talked to a few representatives, using the CHAT icon. None could find country of origin information on their productive information sites, either. No-one knew where the clothes were made! I understand we have relied heavily on imported clothes as they are cheaply constructed, but I would prefer less clothes, made locally.
I want to see Australia develop our own manufacturing industries. For instance, why aren't we manufacturing our own trucks? We had the ability to make cars, couldn't we make trucks? Australia needs trucks for agriculture, transporting goods locally and across the country and in the resources industry. We shouldn't import any food from overseas. Australia can produce all its own food.
The list of manufactured products we could provide for ourselves is so long. Medication, clothing, furniture and clothing are only a few. I think Made in Australia would be popular.What do you think? Reply


Posted by: kitkat16
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

kitkat16 says: It is vitally important, to buy Australian and check to see if they are Australian made, grown and packed, if I want them I would buy them and if I got it wrong I would try better next time. I think all the Australian made, made/designed in/packed in Australian. be patent by the Australian government, as it is so confusing, if this at all possible. Reply


Posted by: mrwonderful5433
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

mrwonderful5433 says: 1. I prefer to buy Australian made as the quality is second to none and it provides Australian jobs,
2. I always check the Australian content on products that I buy and look for the Australian made logo.
3. Yes I realised My mistake when I got home because I didn't read the label properly instore.
4. Yes I do.


Posted by: Paul
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Paul says: I regularly check for the little green triangle, with the outline of a yellow kangaroo, to give me a sense of reliance on where the product is made.
However, I have noted lately that this symbol often above a legend of 80% packed in Australia - so the very thing that was to make it easy to identify "made in Australia" is so distorted & useless. They need to shake up their marketing, so people can once again rely on their symbols. Reply


Posted by: Littlelegs
Posted: 18th Jun 2020

Littlelegs says: It is very important to buy Australian made products as it keeps the money in our country and therefore keeps the economy going. This then ensures that there are jobs for Australian workers who. in turn, then spend their earnings locally within Australia as well. Just the other day I was at Coles and needed to buy freezer bags, which I normally buy their own brand because they are much cheaper and do the same job as other varieties. I had not been able to get these on my last couple of visits to the shopping centre as they were out of stock. On this occasion when they were back on the shelf I thought I would check their country of origin and of course, you guessed it, they are made in China. Wanting to buy Australian, I then checked Multix brand, that had an Australian and New Zealand reference on them, but the big words again were "Made in China". Being my only two choices, I went back to my original one which was over 3 times cheaper and regrettably purchased them. Reply


Posted by: humecreek
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

humecreek says: When buying food products make sure you read the label. It has to say "Made in Australia with 100% Australian products" to be entirely Australian Made. Avoid products where you can that have a lower %. It can be quite deceiving at times Reply


Posted by: JOY31420549
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

JOY31420549 says: Very important to buy Australian Made products cause then the money says in Australia and many more jobs too ….I look for the Logo and it should say Australian Made …..Yes sometimes i have picked up a Grocery product and it will say all Ingredients hand Grown and produce In Australia and then in smaller writing it says Exported from China …...Not sure What the Different Versions of made in Australia Label Means but would be very interesting to know to help me when shopping ……. Reply


Posted by: annie
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

annie says: I feel that it is important to by Australian made products as it help keep Australians in jobs and Australia productive.I think is something is Australian made it has Australian Made on the label. Reply


Posted by: justal
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

justal says: I know there are differences between “made in Australia” and “product of Australia”. For the general public it it can be confusing, made in Australia simply means the product was assembled here, but can include products of other countries, whereas product of Australia means that the majority of the components must originate from Australia. Either way the product has kept Australians in work though money can be going overseas to buy in the components to make that product. It is more important than ever to buy Australian goods as our economy is struggling at the moment. There are several logos in the market place that may make you think an item is Australian made but in fact it is imported. Reply


Posted by: Shambles
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Shambles says: "Made in Australia" means just that. Made here. However check to see if it says of 100% Australian products. All the "ingredients" could be imported from overseas! Reply


Posted by: mossie
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

mossie says: Buying Australian means that you are supporting the economy and keeping jobs in Australia which is very important. Australian products are made to last in our tough environments. Cheap imports have proven that they don't last.


Posted by: willo
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

willo says: unfortunately I previously believed that made in australia meant made in australia,then I started reading the label-shock horror,the best I can interpret at present is put together in Australia,even fruit,I think its time we got back to basics and started doing a lot more for ourselves and stop being relient on overseas(without mentioning a country) we are Australia and we can look after ourselves Reply


Posted by: rebelno
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

rebelno says: It used to be if it had the Australian made logo on it, it was made and owned here sadly this isn't true anymore as a product might be made here but owned by an overseas company. I try to buy Aussie made as much as possible but can't always afford it. It is all so confusing with the different labels now and consumers like myself have brought what we have thought was Aussie made products to find out they aren't at all. The Independent IGA stores are great for stocking Aussie made and owned products but they are expensive than their rivals. But when I shop at Woolworths or Coles I don't want to buying grapes from America etc when I could be supporting Australian farmers. We need the little book that Dick Smith brought out years ago that told you the Aussie made and owned products or something very similiar as it is all way too confusing.


Posted by: saintrobbie
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

saintrobbie says: Very important first it gives aussies jobs helps the econime and gets our country out debt also makes people feel better having a job and doing what they like doing and also they the workers go and spend at other aussie stores and make new friends along the way and society is very much happier and thing go more smoother. Reply


Posted by: xmas
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

xmas says: 100% is important to buy australian products. Labels are telling us if the product is made here or somewhere else but is not always the case because can be made here but with imported materials. Will be fantastic if we go back to be self sufficient and produce everything here instead of importing from China or other asian countries and in this way we know all is right grown to our standards. Many times before I bought products which said made in Australia but on the bottom of the package said made in Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia or China. Made in Australia does not mean the ingredients are from here which is a worry considering the present situation with Cov 19. If we grow all the products here we have jobs and local farmers will be better off than they are now. Reply


Posted by: Amensch
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Amensch says: I have found the Made in Australia does not always mean everything of the product was made here. The wording is misleading. I always read the label & if the manufacturer is Australian & most of the product is made here I will buy it. Sadly similar products made overseas are cheaper, and these days if it is the cheaper then I will buy it. Reply


Posted by: maxAU
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

maxAU says: It's incredibly important for me to support "Australian made" products, as that to me is supporting Australian jobs and therefore Australian families. I tend to mostly do this with food - I feel the changes in recent years to make food labels more transparent re: the percentage of the product being Australian, and which parts of it are done in Australia have been a great step forward but we can do better.
I understand the need and importance of foreign products in our market - clothing, for example, is generally out of your Average Joe's reach if it's made in Australia as the prices can sky rocket compared to products made in Asian countries, and I am guilty of keeping a close eye on my wallet when trying to clothe the kids! I would support Australian Made more often if I had the cash. Reply


Posted by: ml1956
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

ml1956 says: means some part of the product was made in Australia but not necessarily the whole product also the profit may not stay in Australia Reply


Posted by: BILL
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

BILL says: Yes . Sometimes the label is used when a product is less than 50% Australian made ingredients. Reply


Posted by: Macca
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Macca says: Made in Australia means to me that it is made in Australia using Australian grown products, but when you look at the ‘Australian Made’ logo on items you can find that the ingredients are not 100% Australian. The logo gives you the percentage of Australian ingredients. Australian Made can also mean that all ingredients are sourced from overseas and it is only the product that is made in Australia. I always check labels to endeavour to make sure that the product I buy is not made from ingredients imported from another country, as I want to support our farmers, growers and businesses.
I have quite some time ago bought a product that I thought was an Australian product, that was as a result of not reading the fine print, so now I make sure to read everything. Reply


Posted by: aggu
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

aggu says: The product Made in Australia normally products are good in quality and much better than other country. We always look in to the label before purchasing. Frankly , other few country product also equally good but we prefer Australian because it is trusted and good in quality and healthy. Reply


Posted by: K13
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

K13 says: I would love to buy Australian owned and made every time but sometimes it is just too expensive. I recently brought a phone cover from overseas for $7 including postage but if I brought it in Aussie it was $35 plus postage.

I think a lot of people confuse Aussie products with foreign products due to confusing labelling. Australian made and owned means the money stays in Australia.
Australian made on it's own usually means it is made here but the company is foreign owned and/ or some or all of the ingredients are imported. People should be looking for "Product of Australia" if they want real Aussie ingredients but then again, that doesn't mean the company is Aussie owned.

I usually know a product is made in Australia because it will state the country on the packaging.

I once purchased a webcam from eBay. The listing said the webcam was Australian made and owned and it was located in Sydney. 3 weeks later the product arrived from China and it clearly stated it was made in China. I was not happy because I paid Aussie prices when I could have brought similar for a quarter of the price.I specifically wnated an Australian product because I knew it would last and I wouldn't have to buy another one in a couple of months time.

I have nothing against China but just so people know, China are being sneaky with their labeling since COVID-19 and putting "Made in PRC" instead of Made in China.

In Australia we demand higher wages, better perks and more rights. This drives up costs for manufacturers which is passed on to the consumer. The reality is that most people would love to purchase Australian made and owned but cannot afford to double or triple their grocery bill or whatever other products they are purchasing. The more we demand from our employers, the more we are putting Australians out of jobs. It's something to think about.... Reply


Posted by: barbiedoll99
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

barbiedoll99 says: It is so very inportant to buy Australian, more than ever now with the economy so down from the Covid-19 pandemic, so many people out of work small business finished and even large companies feeling the strain. Let's give them a boost and buy Australian.
I am not sure of the logos for Australian made but I will be looking to find out.
So far I have never bought anything marked Australian made that has not been so. Reply


Posted by: jen1
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

jen1 says: hi. Australian Made,,,, is so important,,,, with covid 19 , i hope the thinking from above has realised , we do not want to rely on China for our lively hood.....what happened to australian ade, solid substanchible , for us...i am fed up with cheap products that dont last, made offshore,,that dont last,,,our unemployment,... too many overseas companies supplying goods and buying up our country...WAKE UP.... we have almost lost AUSTRALIA, AND our right to be AUSTRALIAN..we dont have the water and food resources to feed everyone and their dog. take a good look...let us manufacture again, not just on the small scale..our own factories ...we dont need to import products we can supply ourselves ,properly.. often i think i am buying australian and find small print saying different. woolworths spouting support australian,, and their own brand gerkins are from india and tasteless. fed up Reply


Posted by: AnneS
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

AnneS says: I always try to buy products that are Made in Australia and also prefer them if it says they are made from locally produced foods or contents. We have to support our local industries and our local workers. I used to buy a Coles brand locally made toothpaste at Coles but it disappeared from the shelves. When I checked all the other brands on sale not one was made in Australia, they came from as far away as Mexico. Luckily I have now found that Aldi has an Australian made toothpaste and it tastes just like the one I used to buy.

One would think that the energy company Energy Australia would be a locally owned business but no, it is an overseas owned company as is Simply Energy and their profits will be going to shareholders overseas. Luckily the energy company, Origin Energy, that we have used for some years, is Australian and I am happy to support it particularly as I own shares in the company myself. The bonus is that it has a local call center as well so when you ring to ask a question you can speak to someone who you can understand. Reply


Posted by: des
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

des says: I have always tried to buy Aussie made and manufactured wherever possible. But now more than ever I think we must DO BETTER and support Aussie companies even if it means costing us a little more, which I know is hard and damn near impossible for some. We know that food safety in our country is very high in comparison to other countries so that alone should be saying buy Aussie. We must support our own countries products first and foremost so we can help get the unemployment numbers back down in the short term but in the long term we need manufacturing increased so that we are not at the mercy of foreign owned countries holding us to ransom. And we are giving our country men and women from our diverse nations a chance to be employed and provide for their families, mentally working is such a good thing giving us pride in ourselves and our nation as suppliers of fantastic products from food supplies to manufacturing. I hope that the government is going to help give employers a hand up to establish a strong workforce going forward.
Knowing where products are made can be found on the labelling on the back of products usually.
You have to actually read the label to see that it is manufactured in Australia from Australian contents. And be owned buy an Aussie company not foreign owned to be truly Aussie.
Many products like food for instance can be made in Australia but contents could have been imported from overseas and the company could be owned or part owned from an overseas company. So it does at times take a bit of sorting out out and can be confusing. I have seen a few posts recently about which companies are Aussie or from overseas that are supplying our foods. I took a screenshot of some so I have it with me when I go shopping if I don't know from looking at the product it's a quick reference guide. I think there are also some small books available to tell you the same.
Simply seeing an Aussie design does not mean it is made here some companies get away with misleading packaging so you really have to check the packing out well before purchasing. If it's not really Aussie I put it back on the shelf. I really think the message is getting through to the masses about how important this issue is. The general public, us consumers really can make a huge difference if we practice reading labels and rejecting overseas products when we can, voting with our $$$$ will make companies like supermarkets get the message eventually and increase Aussie companies. Reply


Posted by: Ruskie30748487
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Ruskie30748487 says: We should be making more of our own and buy less from overseas, putting money in foreign hands. Reply


Posted by: Mikaren
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Mikaren says: It's very important to me that I buy Australian made products. I always check the ingredients and sometimes find they're from another country. Most of the time I put those items back unless I can't find an Australian item available. If I find the item I need but it comes from China I most certainly will put it back. I am uncertain about the difference between the different versions of Made in Australia and Australian made. At least if it is Australian made and owned then the money will stay in Australia. Reply


Posted by: Chez
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Chez says: So, so important for me to buy Australian Made products. I want the products I buy to be made HERE, by Australian-Owned Companies, not companies who hide their origins and don't pay taxes here. Covid-19 should have taught us all something - Be self-reliant as a country and don't rely un foreign companies. I lookvery closely at the proiducts I buy and if they are not Australian they stay on the shelf. Reply


Posted by: YogiHarry2
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

YogiHarry2 says: Very important,I try to buy Australian and look at labels on everything. We must become more selfreliant. Look for the green triangle with the kangaroo on it. Some products are partly made with Australian ingredients. Reply


Posted by: maureen30656026
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

maureen30656026 says: I have always shopped local and encouraged others to do the same otherwise they go bust , I try not to buy chinese food and have done for a long time , I cannot find 100%australian frozen vegetables so stop purchasing and spread the word they do not have the hygeine as in Australia. My daughter recently shopped for Australian products it took an hour longer and $50 extra at the check out. Dick Smith tried and was sued by someone. Ugg boots another example. Yes things need to change, we need to support Aussie farmers more. The Chinese have taken over our Dairy , farmlands, and water but don't upset them by speaking the truth they are taking over some Pacific Islands now getting too close. The labelling needs to change it's too australian made moment was frozen vegetables I only buy fresh now. More than ever we need to buy Austraian made. SPC won their battle by the workers buying into the company. Reply


Posted by: Hes
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Hes says: It does not bother me really what country any product is from. It just depends on the quality and suitability of the product itself.I do worry sometimes that something bought from overseas in a poorer country may have been made with very cheap labour and someone is benefiting excessively from this but if the price is right and the quality is good I still will like to have it Reply

Momma Bear

Posted by: Momma Bear
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Momma Bear says: Australian made products are better quality so last longer.
Usually it would state on the label where it is made.
I've never had a problem with Australian made, but have had problems ordering from overseas where you think they are coming from the States, but are made in China.
I didn't realise there were different versions of the 'Made in Australia' label.


Posted by: Merddyn
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Merddyn says: It is very important to do this and to encourage manufacturing to return to Australia provided unions are realistic and prepared to accept frozen or reduced wages for sometime, It was unions constantly demanding unrealistic wage increases that forced manufacturing to move off-shore because it became uneconomic in our small population, especially with right-hand drive vehicles as the vast majority of countries are left-hand drive. Lang Hancock and Premier Joh wanted to build a railway from MT Isa to Pt Headland and steel mills at either end so Qld coal could go one way and WA itron ore the other and steel be produced and exported at both ends. Value added exports are essential Reply


Posted by: Skylark
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Skylark says: I try to as much as possible. Some areas you can't avoid not buying Australian made. Cars, electronics, come to mind. Others, I can. I've started to buy Australia made and owned as much as possible. And avoiding Chinese made when I can. I'll pay a modest premium for Australian made, but I won't ripped off for it.
I'm 60 and can remember when we made most consumer products here. A prime example. The Holden HQ had 99% local content. Designed and built here. American owned, granted.
Ideally I'd like both Australian made AND owned, but I'll settle for at least Australian made. At least the jobs stay here. Reply


Posted by: sonet
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

sonet says: Yes made in Australia has to be 100% Australian...I would love to buy Australian always but sadly some times I can't afford some things and have to buy products for overseas! .It is sad in a way but as a pensioner the money only goes so far. Reply


Posted by: Sandy
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Sandy says: Always try to buy Australian made products. Have got caught seeing a Australian logo then finding made with overseas ingrediants. Reply


Posted by: Sherry
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Sherry says: It is very important to buy Australian made products when you can. Ofcourse there are things we do not make here or do not grow here very much as it needs a different climate and that is ok but when we make and grow them it is important to buy Australian made. It helps our country and community and our Australian business including farmers etc.
I look on the label to see where things are made but sometimes it is tricky.
I have picked up something saying Australian made but you have to look further. Australian made with 80% imported products or similar wording is what you can get on some things. Again it depends if the products they are using is something widely grown or made overseas and not here but if it is something widely grown or made here then you want it to say made in Australia with as close to 100% you can get Australian made or grown products. Again sometimes things are made up of many different products and a small % does come from places they grow more abundantly and that isn't bad. However for example it would be a pity to buy something that says 100% wool and you find it is made in Australia from 90% imported wool. So yes I think I understand the difference but maybe there is a better way of labeling things that makes it quick and easy to see. Reply


Posted by: Amu
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Amu says: Now-a-days because of Covid-19 impact, Australian business is in a disaster. Most of the trades and businesses, in Australia was under Lock Down for more than 2 months, as a result, I think, we have to concentrate to buy Australian made products. It means that raw materials are origin from Australia, all will be manufactured within Australia. That's called Australian made products. Now if we buy all the time Australian made goods, foreign exchange or money will stay in Australia. Consequently, Australian economy will grow up, within a few years, it will be stable economy. Yes, most of the time, when I go shopping, I always look into Australian made goods. I believe, I am an Australian Citizen, I always buy Australian, be Australian, save Australia to buy Australian made goods. Reply


Posted by: TheIanhere
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

TheIanhere says: It is essential that we support local industry!
Local saves unecessary transport miles.
Local saves and increases jobs.
Local makes us proud of our achievements.
Local keeps the money being spent locally more.
Local means regionally as well as nationally.
Buy Australian.
Be aware and look out for Australian made.
Goods and services are generally of higher quality because those producing locally have to take a long term look at marketing quality for the security of increasing sales into the future and a stable business.
How do you tell Australian made? You ask.
How do you tell? Counterfeit copies are of poor quality and will eventually disappoint.
So enjoy the search for our real deals and enjoy the proud workmanship you have made a reality by your buying AUSTRALIAN! Reply


Posted by: Gerry
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Gerry says: There will always be more overseas products as they buy much less than Aussie and make much bigger profits. Reply


Posted by: pebbles
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

pebbles says: I actually go out of my way to purchase Australian produce. I even look at labels. I have a list of Australian companies I purchase from. I look for seasonal. Fruit and veg. To me Australian means that I'd is grown here made her by Australian owned companies and the money stays here. It keeps australians in work. I look for things like. Made from locally sourced ingredients. , It's not hard to do. I have been label reading. As I have. To check ingredients you can get caught out when purchasing bacon. I source. Local cured. Bacon from local pork. I want to try. To cure my own. Going to. Get myself a smoker Reply


Posted by: Mammabear
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Mammabear says: The older I get the more important these issues become. I am more aware of foreign ownership in this country and I can’t help but feel we are doomed. The only thing we can do is to buy Australian products, Australian made or at least Australian manufactured, keeping jobs here, and again supporting Australian owned businesses! Keeping our money here, where it is needed more than ever. These are no way related either, we have to be very careful, Australian made/produced/owned are very different areas. Labels are designed to inform but can be misleading. Things can be made in Australia from 98%imported ingredients! If this product can be made with Australian ingredients then that is the product to select. Sadly it is all too common now that the business producing this is FOREIGN owned! The jobs are here, the ingredients here but our $$$ support another country! It is very difficult to get the trifecta these days as foreign ownership is not declared on labels. Conglomerates buy and sell companies so frequently that the brands you grew up with as Australian are not so these days. It is very sad and I feel lost regarding foreign ownership and investment And powerless to stop/control it but I can be pro-active in reading as much information on labels as I can. It may take me longer to shop, and cost me more to shop but I feel it is important. Reply


Posted by: Eugine
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Eugine says: It is very important to buy products made in Australia but more important to buy products that are also made from materials sourced here. I always look before I buy to find the country of origin. I have been caught buying frozen goods which state the contents are from Australian waters or farms only to find in very small print that they are made overseas. There is nothing to prove that the fish etc. actually were caught in our waters.


Posted by: Caperteewaratah
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

Caperteewaratah says: I want to buy only Australian made products and it can be difficult now that our manufacturing industries have been depleted by cheap Chinese labour. In the 1960's when I was a kid everything was made in Australia or Japan - surprisingly my parents used to say "Oh made in Japan, thats rubbish" when in reality it wasn't - the Japanese do make good quality products - its just people in my parents generation had a dislike of Japanese due to going through WWII.
I look at everything to see is it just packed in Australia, grown in Australia, or packed in Australia with products from somewhere else - which is common and a trick. If its not Australian grown I definitely will NOT buy it. At times there is some difficulty finding something needed that is made in Australia but I always try and even today I bought Australian pineapple in a tin which cost 3 times the amount of some from the Phillipines - too bad I am not giving my money to products from overseas when we have plenty of pineapple and shops like coles and woolworths are also to blame who make it hard for our food industries and undercut our growers and food companies. Supermarkets are a big part of the problem.
I clicked onto what I call false advertising or deceptive labelling a long time ago and check all the where its made, packed, the company is it Australian - and if I find out is not - I wipe them - many people I know say they just buy the cheaper ones then complain that there is nothing much Australian - they have been part of the problem also because they don't care - wait until these big conglomerates kill off all of our Australian companies and the prices go right up - then THEY WILL Have something to complain about! Reply


Posted by: 1234
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

1234 says: If we want to rebuild our country after this pandemic we must start with producing our own goods and not relying on overseas imports. We have sold out so many industries.This would mean being prepared to pay more but at the same time getting better quality and safe products. Some manufacturers are a little deceitful about made in Australia label.I have heard that food products are exported to New Zealand then imported to Australia so a product of New Zealand can be shown on the label when in fact the item was grown in China.I think there should be one simple logo which indicates Australian made or grown.There are too many variables at the minute such as a . mixture of local and imported ingredients Reply


Posted by: shelly47
Posted: 19th Jun 2020

shelly47 says: I think it’s important to buy Australian made products and I always prefer to do so if the price is only a bit more than other products.i always check labels for Australian made 100% because a lot of labels are deceptive and are actually made in Aust but from imported products or a mixture of both! I feel cheated now that the labelling is so vague and it’s easy to buy what I thought was Australian to find its from China or Indonesia or Singapore. Canned food is a good example! Also a lot of brands that were traditionally Aussie brands have been taken over by other international brands and its harder to know exactly where all the profits are going. If they are produced still in Australia from Grown in Australia produce then it is helping to employ Australians but do the profits stay in Australia, probably no! So it is confusing. I will try to buy 100% Australian grown and manufactured in future. Reply


Posted by: heeleen
Posted: 20th Jun 2020

heeleen says: I think we have all seen from the past 6 months how much we rely on other countries, particullary China for what we buy and eat in our country, this is wrong and we need to change it.
I always read the back of products to see where it is made, very sad that so many products are not made in our own country.
Made in Australia means the product is made he but does not necessarily mean the company is Australian owned.
We need to have on packaging - Made and Owned by an Australian company.
If you read the back of some products that are now comming into Australia, they have changed the made in China with very very very small writing it says made in PRC. Peoples Republic of China. Very sneaky. Reply


Posted by: magdi
Posted: 20th Jun 2020

magdi says: When you buy Australian-made products, your money stays within your community and generates more income for the national economy. You’re supporting local jobs and local industries which positively impacts families and communities.Local produce is likely to be fresher, riper, and purer because it’s sold closer to being picked, doesn’t have to travel long distances, and therefore, is less likely to be contaminated and tampered with.A sense of belonging to a connected community is of fundamental importance to our health. When we feel connected to a community, and that community makes us feel valued and accepted, studies have proven that we’re more likely to be healthy. Reply


Posted by: Patricia31662213
Posted: 20th Jun 2020

Patricia31662213 says: Australian made is important but it’s also important to recognise that we don’t manufacture most goods in Australia and it’s impossible to do so. I always look for the Australian made symbol, and prefer to buy locally made goods, but I’m also not afraid to purchase overseas made goods if I can’t get an Australian made equivalent or if the Australian made equivalent is poorer quality. It’s also important to recognise that even Australian made products can often be made from materials imported from overseas, again because it’s impossible to produce every component here. How about we stop the scare tactics about overseas made products and provide better information to people to make informed choices? Reply


Posted by: wendel
Posted: 20th Jun 2020

wendel says: I think it is very important that we buy Australian made, especially at this present time with Covid and the Chinese aren't playing ball, so that leaves us having to buy from other countries, if need be. But it would be ideal, in an ideal world, that we ressurrect our production of more home grown industries to combat this situation and improve our own economy. Reply


Posted by: Swarnalatha31978701
Posted: 20th Jun 2020

Swarnalatha31978701 says: I always try to buy the products which are made in Australia. It will help the Australian farmers and manufacturers to get the support Reply


Posted by: redbatz
Posted: 21st Jun 2020

redbatz says: Yes it has been important for me to by Aussie made for a long time, not just because of the pandemic, although its more important now and hopefully has also made more people aware of buying local. I also like to buy local state products too when I can.
I look on the labels to find if its Aussie produced from Aussie products and its so annoying when you see maybe 10% or similar and/or local and imported ingredients? What is what? Maybe be packaging or the salt used or whatever? Bacon is a good example.On occasion I have not bought something I might have been planning just because I have been frustrated I could not find local.
I never or rarely buy overseas fruit, why? If its not locally in season I can wait till it is - like the old days. Seem to appreciate it more then. Not that I havent., sometimes if its a really good promotion or trying something I have not seen before, just to see.
In the past,
While it is important to support our own farmers and producers, I have also found in the past some items I could not find any made in Australia. Alfoil is one that comes to mind, so did not have much choice. And often the bigger supermarkets are dropping many of the brands for their own, so there is less choice also.
It is possible I thought I was buying Australian and then realized was not, but I really cant recall any specific details atm.
Im not sure I am aware of different versions of "Made in Australia"label so I guess I dont understand it then!


Posted by: ab
Posted: 21st Jun 2020

ab says: How important to buy Australian?
In these post pandemic times, buying Australian is more important than ever because we HOPE, that the company is indeed Australian owned and the money remains here to help growth expansion and new jobs. But I don't know if I would buy Australian at all cost, certainly when the product meets or comes close enough to the quality of the overseas sourced alternative...yes. I was pleased to read just yesterday how Australia is looking to reenter the car manufacturering industry. The vehicles they're proposing will be on the leading edge of environmental protection, using electric motors and hydrogen fuel.
When buying, I always look for the Aust made logo in supermarkets. For other products, I look for the manufacturer details when doing my research.

Have I ever bought an Australian product and found later that it wasn't?
No, or at least not that I'm aware. Once I buy a product, that's the end of it. I don't continue researching the product to learn that the Aussie companies are in fact overseas in 1997 Campbell's soup, a North American company, bought Arnotts in entirety. Many Aussie companies are owned by foreign companies through the public listing of shares, so the dividends they pay go overseas. Importantly, for me anyway, the companies and the jobs are here. That said, there is the odd Aussie company that takes it's business and jobs overseas for the cheaper or deregulated labour.

Do I understand the different versions of the Made in Australia label?
I think I do, in essence the bar under the logo indicates the percentage of ingredients sourced in Australia.


Posted by: marcia1945
Posted: 21st Jun 2020

marcia1945 says: I am fanatical about buying Australian made but sometimes I have bought products that yes says it made in Austraalia but after I have read the lable properly I find that there is a catch and some part is made in say China. This can happen with clothes. I have heard a number of years ago that there was some businesses that were buying clothes saying they were made in Australia but the people that were making them were Asians being paid 50c to a dollar an hour, so I promptly stop buying their products. It's up to Australia to support our own country as we are going to need all the help we can get as far as our economy goes. Reply


Posted by: SCM
Posted: 23rd Jun 2020

SCM says: Very, green and gold triangle, no and no. Reply


Posted by: ranbaato
Posted: 24th Jun 2020

ranbaato says: I haven't thought much about it in the past , but now I am very awre of the country of origin of products.When you see the effect of the outsourcing of manufacturing you realise we have to take back control of our countryI was also made aware of how many call centres have gone overseas when trying to fix our internet.We need to make it mandatory for support centres to be home based. Reply


Posted by: prod001
Posted: 24th Jun 2020

prod001 says: I try whenever possible to buy Australian made products, I believe it is extremely important to support home grown producers. I always read the information on the packaging to find if it is grown here or made here and what percentage of Australian produce has been used. I also look for the Australian made symbol if it's there. Yes I did buy a Bega peanut paste which said on the from it was "Australian made" and found out later that there were ZERO Aussie peanuts used! The next time I looked at all the variations of BEGA peanut paste and found that sone has 0%, some had 30% and sone did in fact have 100% Aussie nuts. So that it the one I buy now. But for the life of me I can't understand why ALL of them aren't 100%. Surley we grow enough peanuts here for that to happen. And I think it is very misleading for the company to imply on the front that it is all Australian, when it's not. I believethere are different labels for sourced and made here 100%; made here with some imported products; and I believe it's considered still Aussie if it has a NZ connection (because of special trade agreements between our two countries).


Posted by: hispania
Posted: 3rd Jul 2020

hispania says: It is very important to me to buy Australian made products because I believe it brings employment to Australians and it is more likely to guarantee good quality and safe work practices.
I can only go by the label or the packaging to tell if is Australian made.
Yes particularly when it is something you expect to be made in Australia like Aboriginal products or koalas - souvenir type products. It is devastating to buy something like dried fruit or nuts and when reading the label find that it says less than 10% Australian raw materials. This has happened to me with a packet of bacon. Reply


Posted by: pothum
Posted: 28th Jul 2020

pothum says: Product of Australia means all Australian whereas made in Australia can be from overseas produce Reply


Posted by: Stephen31639593
Posted: 30th Jul 2020

Stephen31639593 says: While I believe it is important to buy Australian Made products it is difficult to find certain products that are made in Australia - crushed garlic is all from China.
Bacon is another example - a recent search of a major supermarket showed that while the bacon was packaged in Australia - it was made from all imported meat despite bearing a brand name that is associated with Australian owned.
Reading the label and looking for the % of contents sourced in Australia as well as country of processing and packaging are all important.
It can be difficult to make an informed decision about buying Australian Made products when producers and retailers seek to portray something as Australian when it actually isn't. Reply

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