Does convenience come at a price?

Ever spoken about a particular product or destination to a friend during conversation, only to have an advertisement for that same thing randomly show on your social media newsfeed?

Do you feel as though these sorts of notifications or social media ads are making your life more convenient as a consumer or do you think they are an invasion of privacy?

Voice your opinion below for the chance to win one of three $50 WISH egift cards (NB points are not awarded per reply). The three most comprehensive answers will be judged by our staff. Closing date is Friday 4th October 2019 at 5pm (AEST). Reply

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Posted by: Sophie31654857
Posted: 18th Sep 2019

Sophie31654857 says: I know a lot of people believe phones are listening in on us, they are, but not the way you think... In any case I cannot stand social media ads. I don't care how "targeted" they are, I never appreciate being solicited to without my consent. Its one of the (many) reasons I shut down social media years ago, why I don't use things like flybuys or a woolworths card. I hate the idea that I am adding to mass data collection that is used to suck other people in to buying things they don't need.

Does convenience come at a price? my answer to that is, if it is convenience you aren't paying for, you are the product! Reply


Posted by: greenknowe
Posted: 19th Sep 2019

greenknowe says: If you choose to have your microphone turned on for apps, it's just what's going to happen these days. It doesn't bother me (there's always going to be ads, regardless of what they're for), but it was a surprise at first when something I would mention once would suddenly have an ad in my Insta feed. I don't think it's really a convenience at all - unless I'm actually asking for product advice, the targeted ads usually have nothing to do with something I was actually going to buy in the first place. Reply


Posted by: Trish31400309
Posted: 19th Sep 2019

Trish31400309 says: I like to be righteous & say that I hate the social media ads but in fact I have purchased from them. There are times when I do feel uncomfortable about it though. I was in the Harley Davidson store & opened Facebook to have an ad for their clothing pop up in my newsfeed for the first time ever & hasn’t been back. I’ll be honest & say that the only time I think of it as an invasion of privacy is when I don’t want the item! Reply


Posted by: w-alice
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

Trish31400309 says: I like to be righteous & say that I hate the social media ads but in fact I have purchased from them. There are times when I do feel uncomfortable about it though. I was in the Harley Davidson...

w-alice says: Thank you for your honesty!
I'm in the same boat having purchased something, but unfortunately always regretted it later. Reply


Posted by: maxAU
Posted: 20th Sep 2019

maxAU says: They're certainly an invasion of privacy. I don't really think you can argue with that. To try and frame the situation a different way - if you were having a conversation in your kitchen about how you really need a certain product, then magically your phone rang or someone appeared at your door and you were selling the exact thing you were discussing, you would think your house was bugged. And that's essentially what your phone is. A tiny little tracking and recording device.
I would argue, however, that ultimately the good things that we can get from our phones, if we play our cards right and understand security and what we are giving away, outweighs the bad. For example, yes Google is tracking my every move on my Pixel, but this information is both freely available to me to look at and I am able to turn it off. I don't, because it let's me see traffic congestion, suggests better routes home, tells me when to leave my house to make the next bus... all of these have been advantageous for me. I'm willing to see the odd ad come through, honestly. Reply


Posted by: Natasa
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

Natasa says: I don't see it as an invasion of privacy so long as it is disclosed and you have agreed to it.

However if it is occurring unknowingly then that perhaps is questionable. I personally have nothing to hide and am not doing anything illegal so it really doesn't bother me either way. However I can see why it would bother some people as there is a sense of 'big brother' always watching. Reply


Posted by: Jemimah33643
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

Jemimah33643 says: Im a millennial and i think its an invasion of privacy. Not having a clear, accessible option to Opt Out of these types of 'services' (ie, being listened to via phones, tvs and other devices and having ads targeted to you) is a violation of rights. Its a violation of privacy, and people should be able to choose whether they want this, based on if they feel it is convenient or not. Reply


Posted by: Poonam30692751
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

Poonam30692751 says: I love being aware and knowledgeable about things happening around me. If such social ads or things come up on my feed I have no problem. If it seems legit I do click on It to further check it out. So many times they have made my life convenient for me - bonus sometimes I got a discount voucher, an gift card or just free movie tickets. Sometimes better options were presented in terms of price etc...I don't mind these notifications or social ads. For those who don't like them there r options to give feedback or opt out. Reply


Posted by: Ben31639802
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

Ben31639802 says: I don't believe this is a convenient outcome for consumers as often the advertising is for a product that has just been purchased (which doesn't work for one off products like a keep cup). Or it could be from conversations that aren't from the user (e.g. the radio)

Recommend this being removed as a use of advertising Reply


Posted by: lisasimson
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

lisasimson says: Ever spoken about a particular product or destination to a friend during conversation, only to have an advertisement for that same thing randomly show on your social media newsfeed?

Yes! This happens to me and people I know all the time. It's really disturbing! Particularly when I'm sure I've revoked Chrome's (my browser) microphone permissions.

Do you feel as though these sorts of notifications or social media ads are making your life more convenient as a consumer or do you think they are an invasion of privacy? Not making my life more convenient at all! It's definitely a creepy invasion of my privacy. I remember reading about 'the creepy line'. Someone at Google made reference to it, something along the lines that they wanted to get right up to the line without crossing it. But they have, and do! There's a documentary about it. I don't think governments need to intervene.. That's even more invasion of privacy! I'm pretty sure these companies are working with governments anyway. I believe that I can have convenience without having to concede my data away. I suppose I need to work harder to control it.. Like install a VPN.. Do more research into how to not let browsers listen to me etc. Reply


Posted by: tlw
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

tlw says: I think these days there is no such thing as an invasion of privacy, as people seem to be willing to share every aspect of their life on social media. I saw a post on Facebook recently that summed it up perfectly, in the old days when someone read your diary you got upset, now when someone doesn't read your post or make a comment you get upset. Given how much we use and rely on technology, as well as social media, I think it is very difficult to want the convenience of these things, but still want to maintain your privacy. My advice is simple, if you do not want to receive these ads, don't use social media, as no one is making you.


Posted by: Kaylan31639932
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

Kaylan31639932 says: I think this notifications and social media are creating confusions. We are misled to products that we don't want. Reply


Posted by: lisa170
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

lisa170 says: I know it probably does happen to me, but I pay so little attention to online advertising I have honestly never noticed it.

I hide all the ads on facebook until it stops putting them in my feed ( it takes a few days of marking everything that comes up as irrelevant and they leave you in peace for a few months) and my instagram ads are so far removed from anything that interests me that I just don't even see them. Reply


Posted by: K13
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

K13 says: Mobile phones will capture conversations if you allow access to the microphone. If you don't want your conversations captured, go to settings and turn off the microphone.
If you have something like a google home mini, it will also capture conversations so turn it off when you don't need to use it.

I find social media ads intrusive but when you use a free platform, you have to expect ads. I don't like it but they are there and I am getting a free service. If Facebook was to offer an ad free version where we paid a subscription fee, I would pay it just for the convenience of not being spammed with ads.

I was in priceline waiting for a prescription to be filled and I logged in to facebook. Then I kept seeing ads for priceline and I find this an invasion of my privacy. If I was spying on my neighbours, I would be arrested so how does Facebook get away with it? We are not given a choice about this by the platform, it does not give us an option to opt out for all ads, you have to opt out of each one individually which can be time consuming.

A friend came over who was pregnant and she was discussing her pregnancy and all of a sudden there were ads for pregnancy items, baby items etc. Those products were not relevant to me as I was not pregnant so seeing them was annoying.

I do not see these ads as a convenience, they are a nuisance. If I google for a product and then purchase it, I don't want to be seeing ads for the same types of products for the next month as they are irrelevant once I have made my purchase already. Reply


Posted by: monicag8
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

monicag8 says: Yes it is like anyone can have access. I think this makes people want to share more information about themselves and it opens research into consumerism. Sure it is a bit of an invasion of privacy, but more and more people are getting used to it to the point they dont even mind it. Reply


Posted by: ozstarlett
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

ozstarlett says: we need to remember that whenever we access things through the world wide web that it is just that - opening access to the world to see what you are doing and how you are interacting with others. nothing on it is private. no matter how private it seems there is a million ways advertisers and hackers can access your information. If you are on a social media platform you need to expect even more that there will be advertisements and promotions because that is much what the social side of media has become. It's easy to ignore these ads by simply scrolling past and moving on. It doesn't bother me. What does bother me is text messages as I use this for work and family so if I get random unsoliticed texts and emails from obvious scammers I will block adn delete as necessary. there is always a way you can stop it from happening in the future. Are they an invasion of privacy? No - they are not coming to your door, entering your house, and trying to convince you. They are simply a tool to share the message about the brands and it is something we can easily ignore. Reply


Posted by: w-alice
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

w-alice says: I always regret falling for this. Thing is, if it didn't pop up I would have never bought it. What recently really annoyed me, I was looking up pregnancy water aerobics classes for a friend and suddenly got all those pregnancy products in my feed. As I can't even have children myself that was really disturbing.
I tried an adblocker app but even with that most ads still come through Reply


Posted by: Wish31425605
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

Wish31425605 says: Social media is all about facilitating people to express and share ideas, thoughts, and opinions with others. It is also about enabling people to connect with others, like they were doing for the last thousands of years. However, what is of significance is that social media: (a) removed spatial and time constrains that were inherent in traditional methods of communications; (b) provided online tools that enable one to many sharing of multimedia content; and (c) employ easy to use interfaces that enable even non-specialists to share and connect. Reply

Ellie 30656027

Posted by: Ellie 30656027
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

Ellie 30656027 says: I find ads that pop up in the middle of using the net and social media are really annoying and distracting while trying to search for something. I also hate the fact that when you research something online such as a car or on gumtree and eBay, you then have these ads or even emails about the same product you researched saying ‘you may also like’. I think that is invading my privacy. Reply


Posted by: Bella4927
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

Bella4927 says: Often I have spoken about things together with my friends and partner to later see them advertised on facebook.
I dont mind this too much; but it is annoying when it isn't relevant to me.
I have purchased a few things I have seen advertised on facebook and to be honest they are the best things I have purchased.
One being hai-rcare called pump, and the other sand and sky facial mud mask.
I dont regret purchasing them, so for the sake of convenience I am willing to for-go a small amount of my privacy. Reply


Posted by: renee2786
Posted: 24th Sep 2019

renee2786 says: no I have never experienced this personally but have heard people speak of this I truly think it is pure coincidence.
in regards to the sorts of notifications I feel they are rather pushy and intrusive and make me mad as I am quite capable of finding the things I need and want and feel that these notifications are not targeted at me because they are trying to be helpful its all a marketing ploy and for there benefit not mine so they are definitely not making life more convenient if anything there making feel uneasy in terms of what to and what not to share on social media Reply


Posted by: Patricia31662213
Posted: 25th Sep 2019

Patricia31662213 says: The way I see it is this: ALL advertising, whether targeted or not, is annoying and designed to suck people in. The problem is rampant consumerism, not the advertising itself. If you’re in the market to buy something specific, you’ll go looking for ads and information on that product (so targeted ads aren’t really a problem), and if you don’t want to buy, you ignore the ads and keep scrolling. The big problem is impulsive buying from social media ads, and lets be honest here, it’s not the advertisers fault if consumers can’t control their spending impulse. If I had it my way, ALL unsolicited advertising, across all media, would be banned, as it does lead to overconsumption, but we live in a greedy, money based society, and advertising is a part of how companies make money, so we’re stuck with it. I just don’t look at the ads! Reply


Posted by: Jude30693100
Posted: 25th Sep 2019

Jude30693100 says: Possibly but it depends on your personality, likes, dislikes and theories about the world. I like convenience, shopping, deals, connections so I don't mind companies knowing about me and my preferences as I often get something out of it. Others who are worried about what companies do with that information feel very differently. As long as we are safe and secure, I'm ok with the tools that provide convenience and assistance. Reply


Posted by: walex
Posted: 25th Sep 2019

walex says: Yes of course it comes at a price. It's like anything in life it will cost you no matter what, for example a student wants a good grade then he or she will need to spend more time to study so the price they are paying is their time.

It all comes down to if it's worth the price you paid for the convenience. Personally I believe it's worth it. I also do understand some people may see the intrusion of their privacy can be annoying at the times or they might have some online security concerns but in the whole I think I will rather get some useless and unwanted advertising and be able to use Google map and GPS directory rather than go back to the old days where I had to looking at the paper version of street directory and driving at the same time. It was dangerous and a pain.

The price we pay for the modern day convenience is worth every penny. Reply


Posted by: dArtagnan
Posted: 27th Sep 2019

dArtagnan says: I feel that targeted advertising isn't the price of convenience, but moreso the price of using certain things for free online (such as social media providers).
Do I feel that targeted advertising is worth my free use of these services? I guess the simple answer is yes, as I continue to use them.

I will say that I ignore most of them.
I'm a charity costumer - I spend a large portion of my life recreating screen accurate costumes from film and video games, and then I use them to do charity work within the community - I fundraise, I visit sick kids in hospital, I fulfill Make-A-Wish requests for visitations and stuff like that.
So for example I'm interested in high end costume pieces related to things like Batman. Cowls, props etc.
But I quite frequently get ads from companies like WISH showing me Batman panties and phone cases, which I have absolutely no interest in.
Generally I don't find them annoying though, and many times they actually give me a bit of a chuckle.

Targeted ads don't make my life more convenient in any way, shape or form, as they never advertise products that are of interest to me. I've become so accustomed to them, that for the most part I just scroll past without even seeing them.

If I'm buying something online, chances are high it's not something available at any mainstream vendor and is not mass produced, so I'll have to hunt for it, or if I do find it via Facebook, then it'll be through specific groups and pages created to tailor to such items.
Even if a targeted ad did advertise something I was interested in, chances are I wouldn't purchase via the ad, because my default position is to believe that everything is a potential scam.
So I'd see the ad, see the item, and then go search for the same item on eBay or a vendor that I trust.


Posted by: Lukey23
Posted: 27th Sep 2019

Lukey23 says: Yes there is a price to pay for convenience, you have to watch what you download or what you subscribe to cause alot of cookies could lead to unwanted calls, emails and also spam that will constantly drive you up the wall. I feel that privacy now is more of an issue since we just sign things away without even considering that what are the problems that we may face by not reading the Terms and conditions.
Some people say they are worried but continue to just keep on posting things online and then wonder how do people find out about them. Alot of TV shows out there show us how important is to try to stay off the grid but its a problem that is continuing to affect many people out there. Reply


Posted by: Charles31675453
Posted: 30th Sep 2019

Charles31675453 says: This is an intriguing debate! I have had this happen many times after talking with friends or family. Not only does it happen after conversations with people, but certain movements are also tracked. for example, I have driven past a store and then later seen an ad pop up on Instagram or Facebook advertising that product/store. Only that day after I had driven past, had I been exposed to that ad and never before! I feel like it is so much easier to be able to know so much more about people, just through technology and through their means of social media. people can be searched at the press of a button, and can be read about in depth, can be characterised through photos, posts, comments etc. In terms of the advertisements, I feel I have benefitted from them on countless occasions, however it is that very reason I am also concerned that the programs know what I am interested in, and know what appeals to me. Therefore, although convineint and sometimes life saving (presents for mothers day, girlfriend, friends etc) it is scary that without revealing anything directly, the media platforms seem to know me very well. Reply


Posted by: Meagan30479385
Posted: 1st Oct 2019

Meagan30479385 says: I do have a fair amount of concern about the tactics used by marketing companies when I see custom ads. Realistically, these companies gather a huge amount of data and information about millions of different people. They then use it to, I'm going to use the word, "Con" people into buying their products. I feel like I'm using my computer and someone's looking over my shoulder.
It's no mystery that companies, when you click on their page, use third-party cookies, which can help compile a pretty extensive log of a my browsing history. And some pages don't give you an opportunity to not have cookies attached. I guess my issues is that these companies are compiling records which could potentially be combined with identifying information like names, addresses and phone numbers.
My main issue is that social media and marketing companies think that by browsing their sites I'm consentuallyokay with giving up some of my privacy for the sake of advertising. I'm not. I get that without data collection, ads would be less lucrative, but I have never brought something from social media. I hope this is true but I don't feel very swayed by ads I see on any site. I might be visiting a site like a chemist site, and click on a product only then to see it pop up on my social media feed. That does nothing for me but think I'm being eerily cyber stalked and makes me completely NOT want to purchase from that company. I feel pestered. It's an invasion of privacy that I've had to defend against - ad blockers and disabling cookies.


Posted by: tom31635206
Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

tom31635206 says: Ever spoken about a particular product or destination to a friend during conversation, only to have an advertisement for that same thing randomly show on your social media newsfeed?

havent had that happen to me yet - probably for the best as my friends and i have discussions which would probably make my facebook feed look like a sex crazed terrorist and thats probably not helpful in this day and age.
i do get targeted ads in social media feeds soon after going online shopping/browsing a lot.... its a bit creepy but nothing outrageous really. it only gets uncomfortable after bored-browsing adult toys and a few days later adverts for those pop up on facebook whle watching funny cat videos with my 9 year old girl.

Do you feel as though these sorts of notifications or social media ads are making your life more convenient as a consumer or do you think they are an invasion of privacy?

i dont think theres anything convenient about adverts for things ive just bought or passed over targetting me on social media feeds - maybe its trying to read my mind but offering me stuff ive moved on from just really doesnt cut it.
i do feel slightly invaded - like someone eavesdropping or looking over my shoulder - but not outraged enough to leave or avoid social media altogether. i just dont personally think its helpful but i guess people get paid for that job and know what other people want.


Posted by: Radda
Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

Radda says: Do people or companies are listening to our conversations through our mobile microphones? Scary to think this way, hah?

We feed sensitive information to all sorts of hungry machines from the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep. Our devices and phones know where we are, who we’re likely to talk to, and can predict when we’ll be on the move again. We take photos of our food, track our steps and calorie intake, use internet banking. Technology knows a lot about us and we always have that thought at the back of your mind - Big Brother is watching! Again - scary, hah? Can we change that? I don't know.

What to do? Keep talking! We can not stop this great thing in our lives - communication and socialising! If we are being targeted with relevant ads, then what’s the harm? If we’re that worried then lets start talking about the lottery numbers and.... one day we can win big! :) Reply


Posted by: Radda
Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

Radda says: Do people or companies are listening to our conversations through our mobile microphones? Scary to think this way, hah?

We feed sensitive information to all sorts of hungry machines from the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep. Our devices and phones know where we are, who we’re likely to talk to, and can predict when we’ll be on the move again. We take photos of our food, track our steps and calorie intake, use internet banking. Technology knows a lot about us and we always have that thought at the back of your mind - Big Brother is watching! Again - scary, hah? Can we change that? I don't know.

What to do? Keep talking! We can not stop this great thing in our lives - communication and socialising! If we are being targeted with relevant ads, then what’s the harm? If we’re that worried then lets start talking about the lottery numbers and.... one day we can win big! :) Reply


Posted by: MGA65
Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

MGA65 says: What freaks me out more so is when you go on an unrelated site & see a personalised ad from a company you may use like Amazon not just a generic ad. I think site cookies may play a role here although I'm no technical iT guru. That type of scenario is an invasion of privacy. Facebook will obviously look at the type of pages you like or groups you are a member of & try to tailor ads on your feed to attract your interest even if it is for related pages or groups. Like in anything online if you don't click on it deliberately & just ignore it you can deal with it. Most social media sites use a feedback solution called AdChoices where you can report an ad or remove it because you aren't interested. Or you can use an Adblocker as part of your Internet Security protocols & you don't see them. I no longer get ads on my laptop on social media sites as that is what I use. I still get them on the social media apps on my phone even with the same setup. Reply


Posted by: CatTracey
Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

CatTracey says: Whilst having random adverts pop up for items I am considering purchasing, I just wish that 'the system' can tell when said product has been purchased or decided against and STOP bugging me with those pop up ads!!!


Posted by: ***Pottsy***
Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

***Pottsy*** says: Everyday that I am on Facebook, I am aware, out of the corner of my eye, that ads are appearing on my screen that relate to 'words' I have been typing when chatting. I refer to myself as a 'minimalist consumer'. By that I mean, that the majority of my shopping is necessities, not treats or luxuries. I only buy when I need something and a great deal of effort and time goes into researching and re-evaluating before any purchase is ever made. I NEVER window-shop. I never read ads on billboards, back of taxis....or on Facebook pages. I never go onto Facebook with the thought that I am going shopping.
I am aware of the ads on the side of the page but have never clicked one or taken the time to read one. Subconsciously brands and pictures enter my memories. I know they are there. Brand familiarity does occur. However I would certainly not say that Facebook ads make anything more convenient for me. I am not on Facebook to shop. I do all my hobbies and socialising....then I get off screen ASAP.
I do not go onto Facebook to shop, so there is no convenience for me to see ads whilst I am on there. I will ignore them and get on with what I am doing. Shopping is the very last thing I want to be doing when I am Facebook. The word 'convenience' just isn't relevant to me. There is no convenience
If I want to research a product to buy, then I would not open Facebook. I would go straight to my Internet Browser and Google information. Facebook has no relevance in that product research.
Are the Facebook/Social Media ads an invasion of privacy? - Yes I do believe that it invades privacy. There should be a much easier to find Facebook Setting that lets users select "I want to see relevant ads"...or "Do not monitor me!". Reply


Posted by: jodie737
Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

jodie737 says: Really? I’ve just read some comments and is this really about them be able to actually listen in on my conversations? In the room, like a bug or only when I’m talking on the phone? That’s not convenience, that’s James Bond stuff, ewww! It’s cliche to say, but nothing would surprise me in this day and age. But I don’t care how they target you, I don’t like advertising period. Honestly , as consumers, we’ve been banging on about tv ads for decades and how annoying they are and how intrusive. The convenience there was free to air tv. But now it’s just rediculous. There’s no convenience, FB is already free, but I’m sick of the advertising taking up my time, the actual time on FB takes up enough time wasting as it is. And sometimes I get interested in a product enough to have a quick look but I’ve have never bought anything I’ve looked at. And when I say sometimes, I mean rarely. Definitely an invasion of privacy but I guess no social media would be free if they couldn’t advertise, so who knows, I think we would be all better off if it wasn’t because it would stop a lot of us from even using it. Social media is the new addiction and it’s not healthy. Reply


Posted by: bluey42
Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

bluey42 says: It is invasion of privacy I was looking for something on line then all of a sudden it's in my news feed Reply


Posted by: Pammy67
Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

Pammy67 says: Yes, very often this happens to me, and you get a sense of eerieness or de ja vu. Quite often you see something on tv, and then it appears on your news feed on Facebook, or you get a sms from the company. You typically think someone is watching you. I don't really mind, especially if you are interested in the product. But I also think your every action is monitored. Reply


Posted by: Tars
Posted: 2nd Oct 2019

Tars says: I really don't like it when I look up a topic, and it may be just out of interest from a conversation, then the advertising for it shows up on my social media shortly after. Sometimes they also get it right and I'll have just been thinking about something I'm interested in and it shows up. It actually creeps me out and I purposely don't click on the ads. If I really was interested enough to buy then I would look it up myself.
I would never get one of those Amazon etc devices where they control your home. I feel they are way too intrusive, and make us less likely to do things ourselves. Reply


Posted by: justinsleary
Posted: 3rd Oct 2019

justinsleary says: I haven't had an ad come up on my phone related to a phone conversation, as I only typically use the internet on my computer, not phone, but I have to say that that is pretty creepy! On my computer, I do get ads that are clearly targeted based on my behaviour, and I find these intrusive and a subtle invasion of privacy. I find that targeted ads are a privacy invasion as they are clearly using techniques that I do not choose nor do not wish to have such data gathered. For example, I can be logged out of all websites and services, yet through persistent 3rd party tracking cookies, my data is logged and persistent throughout a browser session. Now even more they are using location and/or IP addresses so that we are being "fingerprinted" and tracked over time.

Unfortunately these sorts of targeted ads are not making my life more convenient, and are an invasion of privacy. They are not making my life more convenient largely as the machine learning and algorithms used are not smart enough. As an example of this, I often get targeted ads for products I have just purchased! For example, I might buy a toothpaste online, and then later on facebook I get ads for the same toothpaste I have just bought! Silly, as I just bought it, so why would I want to buy it again immediately?

Why I say it is a privacy invasion is that you or I are only seeing part of the picture. We see an ad for something that we just bought, or perhaps something we are searching for, but the same data an algorithms might well be tracking our medical searches, personal searches and the like. I might have a skin condition that I google about, and yet it is possible that some tracking data is logging this information into a database the have on me. So I feel that this sort of "convenience" is not really a convenience, but a serious invasion of privacy. Imagine if I went to the Doctors a week later and as soon as we shake hands he asks "how is your skin condition?" Reply


Posted by: jo_c
Posted: 3rd Oct 2019

jo_c says: The internet is both a powerful and a useful tool for information and communication. It offers a sense of convenience where everything feels accessible and easily procured, in a comfortable setting. The close proximity of information with just the click of a mouse grants access to every information, new and old, necessary and unnecessary. However, the proximity and comfortable distance of information access can also be misleading. Behind the close ‘right to use’ from our device’s screen is a big gap of space, where, if we are not prepared or not aware of, predators lurk and wait for the right opportunity to gain access to all our information and take everything away from us, and use to their advantage. So, we must guard ourselves against these predators, who can, and who will, manipulate our sense of comfort and convenience, which we will pay dearly with a price - everything we have. Reply


Posted by: capfantastic
Posted: 5th Oct 2019

capfantastic says: We were sold out long ago for everything including privacy. It is impossible to police the internet. So I say why the hell bother. Basically there will be no small business left because it will not be worth the overheads. Amazon is king. All hail the king. Reply


Posted by: maureen30656026
Posted: 1st Nov 2019

maureen30656026 says: I find the ads very annoying and yes it is an invasion of my privacy especially when there are so so many from all types of retailers Reply


Posted by: ab
Posted: 18th Nov 2019

ab says: In my opinion, everything comes at a price.

If you want privacy, get off social media. If you don't want the convenience of material you're interested in being fed to you, deny operating systems, access to you internet history etc.

This subject is like the old 'I want to be a rock star but I also want my anonymity' debate. Right now, these systems are only in their infancy...I hope in the future, if I still around, that the OSs will become more sophisticated. Rather than continue to show you deals for cabling you were searching, recognize that you've purchased them and not bother about them; maybe ask you first before putting items in your social media feed.

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