We have fallen in love with cruising. Yes we still do other holidays however my husband and I find it relaxing, we get to visit other places, only unpack the once and can do as little or as much as we want onboard. Apart from alcohol everything is covered in the fare so it can be a cheap holiday as well, especially if you shop around for deals. Reply

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Posted by: Phoenixflame
Posted: 21st Jan 2016

Phoenixflame says: Unfortunately my misses and I have not had the chance to attend a cruise, but it's high on our list of things to do.
My parents have been on a few and the tales they tell are fantastic.


Posted by: jen32
Posted: 14th Feb 2016

jen32 says: would love to never got the chance time or money Reply


Posted by: frannymanny
Posted: 23rd Feb 2016

frannymanny says: love love love cruising. I do not drink alcohol so there are no on board costs and it is so exciting to visit exotic places Reply


Posted by: anniebee
Posted: 1st Mar 2016

anniebee says: I also love to go on cruises, in fact we are going on a big one in June. We don't drink so that's an expense we don't have to budget for. The price of cruises has come down over the years and they are very relaxing. If you've never been on one pick a small 10 day cruise to start with. You'll love it. Reply


Posted by: giznjack
Posted: 1st Mar 2016

giznjack says: Totally agree!! We love cruising, and next one is July 2016. We got an amazing deal, early bird price plus a free premium beverage package, for my brother in-law's 50th birthday. Can't wait :-) Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 4th Jan 2018

PGS says: Price wise when you consider all meals & accommodation is covered (if you use the buffet), they can be good value.
We've done two x three night cruises with P & O and really would not waste the time or money on a sea cruise again.
We would consider one of the European river cruises if the price was good enough, but not sea. Too boring. Reply


Posted by: Berocca
Posted: 3rd Sep 2017

Berocca says: The thing I love about cruising is that it is so easy. All you have to do is get yourself to the boat and then home again at the end. The rest is completely coordinated for you. Reply


Posted by: jjdrer
Posted: 3rd Aug 2017

jjdrer says: In April I went on a cruise to Fiji etc. I went with relatives as I have never travelled alone, only in groups.
The cruise was a bit rough at sea part of the time as there had been a cyclone in the area. Glad the ship has stablisers. We went on the "Explorer of the Seas" They catered perfectly for special dietary needs. Bear in mind there was about 3,000 passengers on board and we didn't go to the same restruant evey night. As soon as the surname was mentioned the staff member's response at the entrance was special needs diet. She didn't even check the list, she remembered from over a week before. We had a 7 month baby with us. He won the staff's hearts. Reply


Posted by: annie
Posted: 5th Mar 2019

annie says: Yes agree with you Kessa.My husband and I are fans of cruising and have just come back off the carnival spirit.We were supposed to be going to Moreton Island but due to the cyclone ended up at Phillip Island.Cruises are so relaxing and you can do nothing or do as much as you want


Posted by: victory
Posted: 13th Feb 2019

victory says: Yes same here, I have done two cruises and only in Australian waters, I loved it, for our 50th Anniversary, I had no cooking any housework so relaxing I will do more in future, always good deals. besides other travelling on land, too. Reply

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