Should kids have juck food. Kids should not have juck food because it could cause them to become over weight. Reply

    Last reply: 30th Jul 2014 / 2 replies / Post by Jam

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lizzie r

Posted by: lizzie r
Posted: 24th May 2014

lizzie r says: Everything in moderation!!! If you keep all junk food away all the time they will just go nuts on it when your not aroud to see. Reply


Posted by: Bazz
Posted: 30th Jul 2014

Bazz says: Childhood obesity is certainly a big problem in this country & we should do what we can to fix the problem, which is perhaps much larger than just junk food.

Right up until I left the farm at age 15, we never really had much idea what junk food was. It was a case of "out of sight, out of mind". We were never spectacularly healthy because of it, but never felt deprived. If we wanted more to eat, we either grew it or created it, both of which we knew how to do from a very young age. It allowed us to appreciate things a little more, perhaps. Reply

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