Do you think it'd be safe to travel to hokkaido in 2012

Friends want to go away for my 40th birthday celebrations -- Overseas!
I've been hoping to go to Hokkaido.. do you think it'll be safe/suitable to travel to Northern Japan by 2nd half of 2012?


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Posted by: massmoney
Posted: 22nd May 2011

massmoney says: well i heard on the news that the world was going to end on the 21st of this month sooooooo , i would say just do it and enjoy , if you only look at the safety aspect of your adventure then its not a holiday , its a pain and THAT is UNSUITABLE,

i am 53 by the way and done EXTENSIVE TRAVEL INTERNATIONALLY\
( NO ONE CAN PREDICT ANYTHING RE SAFETY , YOU could get hit by a car tomorrow or slip in the bath and hurt yourself so do not stress with things that are out of your control..... go and ENJOY :) Reply


Posted by: trish
Posted: 2nd Jul 2011

trish says: could well be, how far isthat from the "danger zone" as they are calling it.Have a friend who is going there for a couple of days on her waya to the UK,and she does not seem bothered.Make plans and see what happens,one can always change them. Reply


Posted by: NSWMoke
Posted: 17th Aug 2011

NSWMoke says: Safe? On an airoplane? Yer kiddin, right? It's safer to merely go to Google Images with a six pack of Sake! If I ain't goin to Honolulu or Las Vegas, I ain't gittin on a plane! Reply


Posted by: chris_nash85
Posted: 20th Sep 2011

chris_nash85 says: yea safe as now Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 14th Feb 2012

says: just do o it as where ever you go there is always risks even in places we think are safe Reply


Posted by: Andrewsgirl
Posted: 17th Feb 2012

Andrewsgirl says: Yes, I think it's safe. I would definitely go but perhaps I would check the long term weather forecasts. Just pray for no Earthquakes while you're there. Have fun. Reply

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