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There have been a few stories in the news recently questioning the way food brands are using the health star ratings found on their products. It would seem that some companies are being quite creative when it comes to their labelling. Are you aware of the government’s health star ratings scheme for food? If so, do you think it’s a good idea and should it be mandatory? Do you make purchase decisions based on how high or low a product’s health star rating is? Would you like to see ratings on more products and do you trust food companies to label their products correctly?

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Posted by: Brad
Posted on: 1st Mar 2016

Brad says: " is good for your health to lose weight and be a healthy weight. " I agree, Lynneeime. Most of my siblings (all younger) suffer diabetes... and blood pressure issues.

The debate re sugar vs fat is quite interesting, with recent research indicating that fat is the lesser of two evils. Then, of course, salt content and gluten issues are identified by some as problematic.

Overseas produce? Here our views centre on supporting local producers first. Cuts down on transport (energy, roads, etc), and we support our farmers. We grow about half our fruit and veges... and buy nearly all other produce from farmers' markets nearby.

The greatest evil (after junk food) is portion size. There's a direct correlation between portion size and obesity in western countries. Declining second helpings and restricting desserts to once-a-week accounts for 95% of my weight loss! Restricting my wine intake to every second night, assisting metabolism, accounts for the other 5%. We still eat out at least once-a-week, but order two entres each, instead of mains.

As for food labelling, after studying labels, we no longer _buy_ any product with high salt, sugar or fat content. We avoid GM products simply because the jury's still out.

I've given up the gym. It never reduced my weight appreciably... whereas reduced portion size 'shrank' me by 17% within six weeks... . Downside? New clothes! :)

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