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There have been a few stories in the news recently questioning the way food brands are using the health star ratings found on their products. It would seem that some companies are being quite creative when it comes to their labelling. Are you aware of the government’s health star ratings scheme for food? If so, do you think it’s a good idea and should it be mandatory? Do you make purchase decisions based on how high or low a product’s health star rating is? Would you like to see ratings on more products and do you trust food companies to label their products correctly?

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Joh :)

Posted by: Joh :)
Posted on: 1st Mar 2016

Joh :) says: Some of Australia's best-known food brands have been accused of trying to trick the federal government's health star rating system and confuse consumers about the real nutritional value of their products.

Examples : -
Milo states a 4.5 star health rating on its tin, but on closer inspection reveals this is when the product is made up with "skim milk". On its own Milo is only rated 1.5 stars.
Several Kellogg's cereals, such as Fruit Loops and Crunchy Nut Cornflake Clusters. Certain Nestle products show a higher star rating that has nothing to do with the actual content of the package. These ratings are printed as an example of how the Health Star Ratings works. - Kellogg's are now in the process of amending all its cereal packaging so the actual health star rating of the product will match the nutritional label information. They got caught and now have to amend.

We as the buyer get tricked into thinking these type of products are actually healthier than we thought. On reading the small print (which most people don't do) it is then discovered that these health ratings have nothing to do with the product.

The health star rating system is being exploited as a marketing tool by junk food manufacturers to make consumers think their food is healthy.

"This is one area of the health star scheme i'd like to see the government improve on." There should be hefty fines for Companies that misuse the Health Star Rating Logo in this way.
I also feel that ALL PRODUCTS should have the "correct" health Star Rating describing what is in the product itself. Simple as that and no trickery. Also i feel that Junk food should have warnings on the packaging.

Anyway at the end of the day we all have a brain and we need to use it when shopping . - "Anything on the label is there to sell the product. Look at what they consider healthy and make sure it's what you consider healthy." - Fruit Loops healthy - I think not.
Don't take everything on Face Value. I certainly Don't Trust this type of labeling just yet and i certainly don't buy products based on this system. I know healthy from junk food so i will just use my common sense for now

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