Food labelling

There have been a few stories in the news recently questioning the way food brands are using the health star ratings found on their products. It would seem that some companies are being quite creative when it comes to their labelling. Are you aware of the government’s health star ratings scheme for food? If so, do you think it’s a good idea and should it be mandatory? Do you make purchase decisions based on how high or low a product’s health star rating is? Would you like to see ratings on more products and do you trust food companies to label their products correctly?

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Posted by: carpentereng
Posted on: 1st Mar 2016

carpentereng says: I like the information panels that list the contents per 100g or 100ml as this makes it the quickest and easiest way to compare items. The star system doesn't help that much because it is looking at all the ingredients but you may be looking for certain things only like low salt, low sugar or low fat.

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