Allergy members - how do you shop for food?

Can you talk me through how you go about food shopping for yourself or a member of your family that has a food allergy. Do you go to the local supermarket or specialist store? If a supermarket, do you buy from the health food aisle or regular aisles? Do you have to check every ingredient label or do products advertise themselves well enough? Do you have to buy specific foods? Is your food bill more expensive as a result? And finally does your household all eat the same meals, or does the person with the food allergy eat separate food?

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Posted by: monicag8
Posted on: 23rd Feb 2017

monicag8 says: You don't need to shop at a special health store to be healthy - the supermarket provides all you need in the way of food choice. Dealing with allergies is easy - you just need to find what you are allergic to and avoid it. Most people by large are allergic to wheat, yeast, sugar, peanuts... so what you need to do is shop for fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, meat or eggs, and nuts. It's easy.

healthy spread = honey, nut spread, tahini
healthy bread - make your own with corn flour and eggs
healthy milk = soy, rice milk, almond milk
healthy snack - dips made of chickpeas and lentils, nuts, rice crackers, corn crackers, fruit salad
healthy dinner - steamed/roasted vegetables, fried/oiled egg, raw/steamed salad, potato salad, meat and vegetables, soup
healthy drink = juice, apple cider,

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