Allergy members - how do you shop for food?

Can you talk me through how you go about food shopping for yourself or a member of your family that has a food allergy. Do you go to the local supermarket or specialist store? If a supermarket, do you buy from the health food aisle or regular aisles? Do you have to check every ingredient label or do products advertise themselves well enough? Do you have to buy specific foods? Is your food bill more expensive as a result? And finally does your household all eat the same meals, or does the person with the food allergy eat separate food?

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Posted by: jjdrer
Posted on: 6th Jun 2014

jjdrer says: Keep an eye on the freezer at your supermarket. My nephew spotted some at a Coles Supermarket in the last fortnight or so on special at half price. He does shift work and has a meal break during the night shift. He seems hungrier then than at normal dinner time. Most of the time they cook extra for meals and her has the "left overs" Sometimes they freeze some that her eats with a couple of months so they don't deteriorate. Label reading takes so long too. Some items such as chocolate, not even the expensive are not labelled that they contain gluten They have a not so well produt in them that is gluten. One is Heritage that appeared in the shops at easter and disappeared again within a few days after. I managed to get some rabbit shaped biscuits with chocolate on one side and was going to get some more a week later,,,,too late. I can't remember the other brand but it may have been Leda. If you like chocolate biscuits, LEDA Nurtition made mint chcolate biscuits that are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Vegan and Non GMO. They use Carb Soda as a raisng agent which is gluten free. I got some at Coles. The only problems are they contain soy and may contain traces of nuts and seeds There is no trace of Lactose or Galactose at all. Their email address is Apparently you can join the Leda Fun-atics group to receive new product updates.

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