Allergy members - how do you shop for food?

Can you talk me through how you go about food shopping for yourself or a member of your family that has a food allergy. Do you go to the local supermarket or specialist store? If a supermarket, do you buy from the health food aisle or regular aisles? Do you have to check every ingredient label or do products advertise themselves well enough? Do you have to buy specific foods? Is your food bill more expensive as a result? And finally does your household all eat the same meals, or does the person with the food allergy eat separate food?

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Posted by: niknik
Posted on: 4th Jun 2014

niknik says: Hi looklively,
I know what it's like to have intolerences, I always new i shouldn't eat gluten but i did anyway a year ago my little girl was constantly sick doctors had know idea we took her to a natrapath and whalla we have a found what was causing all the cramps, crying and bad behavior. Unfortunately it wasn't only gluten, its also lactose, sugar , preservatives and additives. It was a big learning curve for all of us and opened our eyes to what is in food.all the extras that we don't need. I do some health food isle shopping and i read every label. It doesn't matter if you have had it before always check the label. Ald's is a god sent the amount of products they have are great. No added preservatives, additives, sugar etc. Buying fresh fruit and veg all the time gets a bit picey howver it is worth it. You can't put a price on health either your own or some one in your family. Our whole family went on this diet seems easier for kids to give up the sugar i still can't quite get to that. (don't have much of it though). Depending on the degree of the allergy and cooking with other allegen foods the risk isn't worth it. I cook everything from scratch was buying glut/lact/sug free for my kids but it sent them . The cooking may take a bit more time but its all worth it!!!!

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