Is this right??

After watching the news relating to the USA mother that HAS to give up the baby she is having due to the IVF clinic that made an error an implanted the wrong embryo in the wrong mother. What a dilemna? WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO???? It is a sad & painful time for all the "parents" involved in this debacle.

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Posted by: flyingdutchmana
Posted: 11th Mar 2010

flyingdutchmana says: In other words the woman is no longer either the rightful owner of her own womb, but it belongs to the IVF clinic. I find that disgusting. Reply


Posted by: Geoff
Posted: 15th Mar 2010

Geoff says: Give her some compensation and get on with life. Reply


Posted by: stewy57
Posted: 24th Mar 2010

stewy57 says: I wonder who the father is, is it someone in her family or an anonymous male. Whatever happens, there are going to be winners and losers. Reply


Posted by: matt
Posted: 14th Apr 2010

stewy57 says: I wonder who the father is, is it someone in her family or an anonymous male. Whatever happens, there are going to be winners and losers.

matt says: I don't think it was her egg or anyone she knows sperm, just the wrong fertilised egg altogther. maybe doesn't even look like her Reply


Posted by: matt
Posted: 14th Apr 2010

matt says: The IVF clinic should be sued for millions. She was obviously trying and trying to have a baby and when she finally falls pregnant she can't even keep it !! Disaster plus. Reply

Kiwi chick

Posted by: Kiwi chick
Posted: 8th Feb 2011

Kiwi chick says: If I remember correctly there were 2 couples who had frozen embryos and one was implanted into the wrong couple. It seems to all hinge on the couples involved as to the outcome. I did read about one where an abortion was ordered. It must be a dilemma if the mother is getting on in years and knows she has to go through with a high risk pregnancy with no baby at the end or to abort a viable foetus in order to go carry her own embryo Reply


Posted by: Hillicent
Posted: 16th Feb 2011

Hillicent says: and what does this tell us about such advanced technology used to 'assist' nature? bound to be a two-edged sword, and human error is inevitable, remember the dutch woman who had a black and a white twin because of a sperm error? Reply


Posted by: Shay-Dee
Posted: 22nd Feb 2011

Shay-Dee says: Ummm why should she have to give it up in the first place?
If she is happy to still have the child, should she not be left in peace?
The mistake was made by the clinic not the couple Reply


Posted by: Phoenixarizona
Posted: 18th Mar 2011

Phoenixarizona says: She should sue the idiot who told her that!!!!
Number one the law in the U.S and here states that if a woman gives birth to a child that woman is that childs mother.
This is the IVF 's screwup and this woman should not be expected to do anything. If this woman wants to give her child to its biological parents then that's her choice but she doesn't HAVE to do anything.
Both sets of parents should be suing the facility and have their treatments refunded. What a cruel situation to put a woman (who was already having fertility issues) in.
It must be hard for the biological parents no doubt about that, but surely they could understand that this woman has been carrying this child around and preparing for its arrival. This dilemma should be discussed among the birth parents and biological parents and left be.
The IVF certainly has no rights to be making demands of anybody and should be held accountable. Reply


Posted by: lamyaa
Posted: 24th May 2011

lamyaa says: This thing is really hard to face..... i dont think there's even a hard for the women to fall pregnant and go through all the pain and the then all of the sudden someone comes and say this baby is not yours....and what more harder is the other women who the baby will be given to her is she even prepard for that maybe she wanted to carry her baby in her own womb. Reply


Posted by: 19chris51
Posted: 14th Jun 2011

19chris51 says: My goodness, that would be a hard one, and really hard for everyone involved, I think the IVF clinic IS liable, this has to be a case of MALPRACTICE if ever I have heard of one....I really can not think of how they could work it out,after 9 months, ugh poor lady, and of course the Biological parents, oh gosh what a nightmare Reply


Posted by: Rob
Posted: 28th Sep 2012

Rob says: I personally feel that the mother has the right to decide whether she wants to keep the baby or not. I don't know what she signed up for but if she wants to keep the child then she should be allowed. Reply

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