Food additives

Many food substances now contain chemicals and other additives. Many of those are considered Toxic and detrimental to our well-being/health. Do you know of any, if so please detail these on this forum, and who/which department or organisation should be held to account for allowing these substances.

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Posted by: annadivya
Posted: 1st Sep 2016

annadivya says: I know most food items use preservatives for their long life, and this affecting health. Reply


Posted by: lonestar
Posted: 9th Sep 2016

lonestar says: yes specially colors and other salty foods are not good for health those are the main reasons for high BP. With preservatives all the commercial manufactures surely used high amounts which is not good. They are few natural preservation methods and manufacturers better to switch to them for health reason. Nothing is good if its meant to have high levels of preservatives isnt it. Reply


Posted by: musicmum
Posted: 31st Oct 2016

musicmum says: Nearly all packaged food contain something harmful, testing is not done properly, there are many chemicals and additives that are said to be okay for human consumption when in truth they are not. Start look up the names of ingredients you find on your packaged food and find out what they are. The only way to avoid these toxic ingredients is to go back close to nature as possible. Buy fresh organic fruit and vegetables (even better grow your own) and buy staple ingredients that have minimum processing, use the internet to find easy recipes for all your favourites. You will feel amazing once you stop eating the rubbish they sell in packaging. More information is available on the internet, just google what is in food additives. Hormone disruptors are very common, pesticides and chemicals that interfere with your health and especially growing children, stop poisoning them and give them real food. Reply

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