Is "fasting" really the future of health?

Recently there have been a vast study of the effects of fasting, and its effects on our health.

Ive seen a few studies come out with some interesting results, especially the new "5:2" diet that seems to have hugely beneficial effects on the body.

I wanna know your thoughts on these forms of dieting. Would you participate? do you believe the hype?

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Posted by: Estrella
Posted: 8th Oct 2014

Estrella says: I have tried "the fast diet" by Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer, which I follow in my own fashion and I have lost some unwanted weight and have not put it back and I hope I could continue loosing some more weight as it is beneficial for my joints and general well being.


Posted by: Ernie
Posted: 8th Oct 2014

Ernie says: It [ 2 days a week] worked for me and mine. We lost weight and cm's. Didn't do our cholesterol any harm either.
A number of our friends have also found it beneficial.
The beauty of it is that you don't have to be too hard on yourself. If fast day coincides with a special event (guests for dinner) - it doesn't matter to relent now and again. Reply


Posted by: eli
Posted: 10th Oct 2014

eli says: I don't believe in any of these so called diets , but I do fast every year in March for a period of 19 days and I have observed its benefits all my life. It has a great cleansing effect on the body ,getting rid of old fat deposits as well as giving the digestive system a rest. However I do not do it to lose weight, I mostly do it as an spiritual exercise which also has the physical benefits above. Reply


Posted by: candy
Posted: 21st Oct 2014

candy says: I tried 5:2 as part of an experiment with my training. My personal view after myself and a few others I know who have tried this is that it is probably best for very overweight women and even better for men in general. I found that my hormones were terribly out of whack when I was doing this. I think it could be dangerous as you could potentially not meet your nutrition needs on a daily basis, however in saying that if guided by a nutritionist or Dr then all good. I am a nutritionist and am currently overseeing my boyfriend doing the 5:2, he is getting great results and we are simply using this as a kick starter to get him used to portion sizes.
I guess in short....women with hormone issues....don't do it. Men....knock yourselves out :) Reply


Posted by: Freedomy
Posted: 29th Nov 2014

Freedomy says: Fasting, is healthy in moderation and not as a (I have eaten like a pig for a week - so now I will starve myself). Fasting is to clear toxins (of one kind or another - there are so many ways about going about it that who could tell you what you were fasting for). Fasting is not for losing weight and if done properly the results are evident with energy, the look of the skin and a freshness about you.

But if you want a diet, well I suggest finding fruit and vegetables that you actually like, seeds and nuts that you like. Make conscious choices on what to eat in those in between meals. Because I don't know anyone who has been on a diet that has lost weight and it is stayed off.

Me I attempt to keep my white carbs to a low, (it does not always work and I pay when it comes out the other end). But dieting I did for years with little result and always feeling a lose whilst dieting. Now I have treats some weeks a little more than I should but I keep pretty much to everything around what I like. I add some stuff and if it works I go with it, add other stuff and if it does not work, I only do it every now and again. There is no quick fix to eating, you got to find your own style because someone elses style will suit them and not you. Reply

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