Christmas gifts

I truly travel from our home through out the whole year and I at any time I purchase presents for Christmas. Some presents I have purchased from Reader's Digest back in February but I have had to pay over three months for the gifts. No doubt whom I have bought for they will truly love the gifts. Even now in November and in December I will still be buying new gifts for relatives. And naturally my husband especially if he decides that he would like something particular that would be excellent. Every fortnight we save money into our Christmas account and we receive it all on November 1st. Definitely wonderful.

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Posted by: Dora
Posted: 18th Nov 2013

Dora says: I love Christmas shopping. Though for me Christmas isn't about the gifts. its about being with family & going to Church together on Christmas eve.
Decorating the tree & cooking up Christmas treats all together as a family whilst carols play in the background.
I have already started play my Christmas carols. Every morning on the train to work. Reply

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