Most recent survey I did on travel, did not allow for the scenario of being booked currently for an upcoming holiday, and what choices were made....would have been very relevant in this case.

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Posted by: hick
Posted: 26th Oct 2012

hick says: I agree. I also find that they ask if you have been overseas in the last 12 months only. My family and I save and plan to do a big overseas trip every 2 to 3 years whilst taking 'local' holidays in between. Therefore I do not get to express my opinion because I haven't flown overseas for 2 years now. Reply


Posted by: simla
Posted: 2nd May 2013

simla says: Hi maria,yes, i agree, a lot of these surveys could have a space provided for extra comments that the participants think are relevant.
They are very badly designed. I'd be giving that survey company the 'sack' as they are missing out on a lot of extra info. Reply

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