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Have you had a suprising adventure?
Recently my daughter and I went to Port Douglas for a 4 day break. We planed and paid for every little thing before we went. Snorkeling on the great barrier reef, helicopter ride over the same area. A day in the Daintree rainforest including skyrail in and train ride out. All the restaurants we were going to. Everything, just about. We were left with one afternoon that we hadn't planned and we had passed a sign earlier in the day for a safari zoo and thought we may as well drop in there. We arrived and there were no cars in the parking lot. Turns out no one really knows about this amazing place. We had the entire zoo all to ourselves. The staff were amazing they took us from one enclosure to another we got hands on experiences with a lot of the animals and very close encounters with the rest. From bears to lions, monkeys, hippos, rhinos to ostriches. All the animals were fat and happy and loved their keepers. It was the most incredible experience of my life and such an unexpected treat.
Has anyone else had an experience like this?

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Posted by: MazRoc
Posted: 4th Sep 2012

MazRoc says: My fiancée at the time & I planned our first big trip to France in 2008. It was a long journey, although Singapore airlines took great care of us. Making sure we were well fed and comfortable at all times.
We arrived in Paris very early in the morning and after settling into our hotel in Montmarte we went for a little walk to Sacre Couer, a big Catherdral in Paris. Inside the Catherdral was a peaceful nature, with the high preist preaching his daily prayers. The view from up there was breathtaking. You could see all of Paris.
The smell of the Boulangerie (bakeries), filled the Paris streets. And we were lucky to have arrived at the end of May, when there weren't many tourists and the weather was just perfect, like a beautiful spring day.
We took the metro to The Lourve, where Mona Lisa was hanging around to see us. After squeezing ourselves between a school excursion, we finally got to take a photo with her.
We did some of the touristy things like visiting the Notre Dame (another catherdral), took a relaxing stroll by the river Seine. Learning the history as we go.
The Parisian painters stopping us along the way to paint or sketch us. The gelato stands were filled with the young and old. The restaurants buzzing in and out of people.
When we arrived at my favourite monument of all, the Eiffle Tower. I knew we had to go all the way to the top.
My fiancée told me to feel Paris from up there. When I turned around, my fiancée had gotten on one knee and was holding out a small box. With tears of joy in his eyes he asked me to marry him. Tourists from different countries were all there to witness our joy & excitement. Camera's had stopped flashing at the monuments and we took the spotlight.
We took the TGV, a very fast express train to the south of France, where all of my fiancée's family lives.
We soaked up the sun at Cannes beach, living life like the rich & famous.
We went back there again in 2009 with some of my close families & got married in the south of France. It was an amazing experiance, showing my family all the places we've visted in Paris and the south of France. We went back again this year introducing our 18 month old to all his french families. It was a great experiance and now it's our second home, so hopefully we'll be visiting there every chance we get. Reply


Posted by: Minaki
Posted: 26th Jun 2013

Minaki says: Some of my more surprising experiences:

In Cappadocia, Turkey, went to a club in one of the caves where the entertainment included a Turkish version of a Nirvana Cover Band Playing, then a male gay belly dancer who was one of the most amazing dancers I have ever seen.

A ship from Crete to Rhodes seemed to go the long way around and pass through all these little Greek islands which looked absolutely amazing to drop off supplies....later when I tried to find out where these islands were, I couldn't find them on a map. My Greek relatives didn't know of them either.


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