What puts you on an instant high and brings you joy?

Is it exercise and the euphoric endorphins released? An ocean swim on a crystal clear day? A friendly smile from a stranger on the street? A gripping book? Wonderful friends and family? What about your pet dog, Sparky? Do you love an insane belly laugh that brings tears to the eyes and makes you feel like you've done 1,000 sit-ups? Or do you get joy out of free hugs?

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Posted by: woodie
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

woodie says: People taking the time to care when I'm feeling down ,always lifts my spirits. Kind words are the best way to make me feel loved and appreciated. Reply


Posted by: flyingace
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

flyingace says: Hi rainbow, what bring me joy is birds singing, bee buzzing and sun shining. Reply


Posted by: sprinkles
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

flyingace says: Hi rainbow, what bring me joy is birds singing, bee buzzing and sun shining.

sprinkles says: For me there's no high quite like looking after an injured animal, whether it's a mouse, a dove, a possum or a seagull. The way they trust you to help them is the greatest feeling ever, and when they get better it's like no other feeling on earth.
Oh, and I do love to watch old 80s soaps like Dallas and Dynasty, and old movies with Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow and ..well, pretty much all the old time stars.
It takes me to another place, and helps get me through back pain and insomnia.
Plus a cuddle with our cats is a natural high too! Reply


Posted by: naz4321
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

naz4321 says: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply


Posted by: Eva
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

Eva says: If I can help someone even a stranger solve a problem or relieve them of an immediate worry, I feel great. My family also give me a great feeling when we are gathered together and just relaxing. Reply


Posted by: mysteron347
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

mysteron347 says: Kiva.

(You know how to use Google...) Reply


Posted by: JW
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

mysteron347 says: Kiva.

(You know how to use Google...)

JW says: This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Reply


Posted by: jolesley
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

jolesley says: A great book, Christmas (sometimes) and the rare occasion when I have some money to spare Reply


Posted by: taveren37
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

taveren37 says: ...Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ... oh sorry, just got carried away there.
What brings me much joy is surprise hugs and kisses from my children. But also compliments from friends and acquaintances about my personality and also my appearance. Reply


Posted by: Paulie
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

Paulie says: Motorcycling. The theory is that you're inhaling oxygen at speed.. an instant high if there ever was one. These days, older runners on treadmills are taking hits of pure 02 to maximise the benefits of exercise, but I get the same rush around 100 kph on my bikes. It's a blast!~ Reply


Posted by: Lorraine
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

Lorraine says: Chocolate, especially maltesers or a crunchie, suck the chocolate off then the centre pops in your mouth, and wash it down with a lovely aromatic coffee. Mmmmmmm, pure bliss. Reply


Posted by: Blondie
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

Blondie says: What puts me on an instant high is when my son hugs me and tells me he loves me...It doesn't get better than that :-) Reply


Posted by: Kitty999
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

Kitty999 says: A good book, chocolate and my gorgeous cat. Reply


Posted by: poody
Posted: 30th Sep 2013

Kitty999 says: A good book, chocolate and my gorgeous cat.

poody says: Yes, yes, yes Reply


Posted by: Karene
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

Karene says: Waking before dawn and hearing the birds wake also as the sun rises also being around my grandson, brings out my inner child, we play, walk and discuss our environment wherever we are beach, park or home, even though he cant talk. Reply

Miss Prim

Posted by: Miss Prim
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

Miss Prim says: Waking up and listening to our cockatiels birds talking and the birds outside singing. My husband making me a cappuccino on our coffee machine whilst we watch the birds frolic in the bird bath and get up to antics. Looking at photos of my beautiful granddaughters who are on the other side of the country brings a smile to my face. Listening to beautiful music whilst doing craft work to forget my health problems. Sharing special moments with my soul mate. Reply


Posted by: bexbex
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

bexbex says: Well, let's think. Delicious food of course! Especially desserts. Winning a prize. Chocolate. Doing something great at work. Making something great (whether it be a pizza from scratch, a drawing etc). Reply


Posted by: blueyes
Posted: 19th Oct 2011

blueyes says: What brings me joy is the fact that I wake up in the morning and I see my daughter, my mum and my dog happy! Reply


Posted by: lilbabsgal
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

lilbabsgal says: Giving my beautiful 1 year old grandson a biiig hug. lol Reply


Posted by: Inez6306
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Inez6306 says: My (adult) kids, listening to them, and when I wake up and realise it is not a FI day, but a FO day. Reply


Posted by: castiger
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

castiger says: For me it's definitely Christmas when my family all gets together. As two of my children live interstate with their families and another lives in the same state but about 500 lms from me we don't all get together very often. Reply


Posted by: Whizzard
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Whizzard says: I love a really nice sleep and waking up early and making a fresh pot of coffee. It is still twilight with sunrise slowly begining and birds sweetly whistling through the trees. I also love helping those who are less fortunate than myself. This brings me inner peace rainbow. Reply


Posted by: XL
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

XL says: My 18 month old son when he plays , laughs and says Hi Daddy when I come home from work. It makes everything all worthwile Reply


Posted by: Kim
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Kim says: Apart from the obvious joys of my family and friends the Sun always puts me on a high. I always know if it's a sunny day it's a happy day. Reply


Posted by: mtbm
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

mtbm says: good times with friends; success at a sports event; a good sleep; beautiful gardens; a successful dinner I've cooked - all these give me joy and satisfaction Reply


Posted by: MAC
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

MAC says: When I finish a craft project I'm working on or when I attempt a new craft. Reply


Posted by: Scarlett
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Scarlett says: Looking after my grandaughter.......she has just turned one. She is always smiling & laughing & happy. This is the way all humans should be! Reply


Posted by: gigha
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

gigha says: We had a new calf this morning - scottish highland - new life like this brings me great joy.


Posted by: Shortstuff
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Shortstuff says: To see the newborn ducklings, chickens,goslings and even better, the baby goats[kids] running around my block of land. Reply


Posted by: Nons
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Nons says: Spending time with my family when u haven;t seen them for a while, Smell of fresh flowers, A ocean swim on a perefct day, A great book that i can't put down, and i too enjoy helping a stranger out, curtsey and manners are gem these days. Reply


Posted by: cricky
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

cricky says: What puts me on an instant high and brings me joy ?

My two boys, aged 2 years and 4 years old, my eldest is Autistic and has Global Developmental Delay, and watching him achieve new things each and every day, is the best form of instant high for me, these two munchkins are my world. Reply


Posted by: cricky
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

cricky says: What puts me on an instant high and brings me joy ?

My two boys, aged 2 years and 4 years old, my eldest is Autistic and has Global Developmental Delay, and watching him achieve new things each and every day, is the best form of instant high for me, these two munchkins are my world. Reply


Posted by: mustang6000
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

mustang6000 says: Nothing beats hugs & kisses from my wife and grandchildren. Reply


Posted by: angelskies
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

angelskies says: baby smell, when you get the morning cuddles and their hair just smells so lovely and you get a mumbled 'mummy' it just makes my day and starts it all out on the right foot Reply


Posted by: PaulDW
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

PaulDW says: The moment my partner walks through the door at the end of the day - and weekends! :-) Reply


Posted by: Robyn
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Robyn says: Awakening to blue skies and sunshine puts me on an instant high and brings joy. Reply


Posted by: vodkaover1
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

vodkaover1 says: Hi rainbow, what puts me on a high and brings me joy is a sunny day with the family on he beach <3 Reply


Posted by: Pammy67
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Pammy67 says: Enjoying the company of my 15yo son,and husband, just by watching a tv program or movie together....we are all so busy its hard to get all three of us together at the one time for more than a couple of hours (unless we are all asleep). Cuddles with our Maltese Shitzu Pomeranian, Bandit, are also a bonus - we all love him to bits. And a good session on Facebook is rewarding - helping others with challenges. Reply


Posted by: wernerotto
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

wernerotto says: being together with friends, sharing a glas of a nice wine, having a good conversation gives an instnt high and brings joy as well. nothing better than that ! Reply


Posted by: Gerry
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Gerry says: So many things a day out with friends, bush walking, helping others with their problems that they are having problems with, a good movie, shopping going for a walk, painting the house because at 66 some things are not possible. I never get bored or depressed as it is a waste of time. Reply


Posted by: CAT17
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

CAT17 says: Oh so many things bring joy to me but I must say since becoming a grandparent it would have to be my three little grandsons. We got to see all three together recently for the first time (we dont live near each other) and to see my two beautiful daughters with their baby boys was just so wonderful. My heart just bursts with joy when I get a cuddle and a kiss. The eldest is now 3 and can sing "my bonny lies over the ocean" to me over the phone! The middle one is 20 months and recognises the silly laugh his gramps has when they see each other! The littlest who is one just grins the whole time. I know the joy my own girls give me, but oh the joy I get from their children! My elder sister told me once" the best parent to be is a grandparent" and must agree with that. I hope you all have joy in your lives whatever way it comes to you. Reply


Posted by: CAT17
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

CAT17 says: Today is my daughter's birthday - 38 years ago that was such a joyest day and each day since. Reply


Posted by: mandal
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

mandal says: I love a swim on a sunny day - doesn't matter if it's in the ocean or a swimming pool, as long as the water's clean and the sun is shining. Reply


Posted by: Nance
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Nance says: On a sunny afternoon, hearing our chooks cackle after they have laid an egg. Reply


Posted by: Ellessri
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Ellessri says: It's probably quite lame, but I have found that some good fanfiction can cheer me up and make a bad day bearable.
Good coffee also helps! Reply


Posted by: Bellxchat
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Ellessri says: It's probably quite lame, but I have found that some good fanfiction can cheer me up and make a bad day bearable.
Good coffee also helps!

Bellxchat says: Ellessri, whatever makes you happy and feel good inside is never lame! We're all different - thank goodness! - and can learn from each other. Reply


Posted by: Bellxchat
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Bellxchat says: Getting together with family and friends and sharing a laugh is always good. I like to start my morning - before I get out of bed - by saying "I'm so glad to be alive". Works for me...smiling at everyone and everything does wonders, too. Reply


Posted by: Snake
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Snake says: You wouldn't want to print my number one, but my # two is sunshine and my # 3 is SCUBA diving in warm clear water Reply


Posted by: esme
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

esme says: Friends ,family and a great holiday!! Reply


Posted by: Jezemeg8
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Jezemeg8 says: I go out with Jeze (my service dog) each night to meet with, listen and help the street folk in the suburbs surrounding where I live. Helping others, listening to them, gives me great joy. Reply


Posted by: Tony
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Tony says: Taking an early morning mountain bike ride in clean, dry and warm conditions. Visiting/entertaining with family, good friends - sharing a coffee or good glass of wine. Reply


Posted by: karina
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

karina says: Generally the simple things - a cuddle from the kids, that special smile from my partner, hearing from a good friend.
Something unexpected though was how funny the chickens we just got are. What personalities! As soon as I am out the back door they come running. Always makes me smile. Reply


Posted by: tintin
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

tintin says: whenever i open my eyes in the morning, my kids smiling at me and telling me they love me. That always becomes the best time of my day. Nobody can ruin my day. Whenever I feel down and my children hug me and smile at me then all my worries disappear. Reply


Posted by: TATTY
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

TATTY says: My Cat Vinnie. Reply


Posted by: suz
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

suz says: sitting at my daughters/ sons home watching our beautiful grandchildren palying, laughing and squealing. Its a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling Reply


Posted by: de1
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

de1 says: I wake up in the morning with my husband beside me and a chinchilla cat who is fast asleep with her head on my shoulder and her paws around my neck. There is enough food in the fridge, a roof over our head and good friends nearby. What more should one ask for? Reply


Posted by: suzieq
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

suzieq says: Standing on a beach on a sunny day with a strong breeze blowing around me,it is exhilerating it seems to blow away all the stress and makes me feel uplifted Reply

White Crane

Posted by: White Crane
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

White Crane says: doing Tai Chi early in the morning beside the water...that transcends all other things that bring me joy.. Reply


Posted by: Barclay13
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Barclay13 says: When my 5 month looks at me while I am breastfeeding him, I love the connection!! Reply


Posted by: Mersie
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Mersie says: I think there is nothing more wonderful than sitting on the sand and listening to the ocean crash against the rocks and just rolling in on the shore, I think it is magical, especially if you close your eyes and just listen, and there is usually a few sea gulls singing out, wow I'm there in my head now. Reply


Posted by: Coastgirl
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Coastgirl says: The smiling faces of my granddaughters. Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

PGS says: A good chilli. Trinidad Scorpion does the trick these days.
Failing that... a nice 18 year old

single malt, double barrelled whiskey

:-) - less dangerous than females... Reply


Posted by: gnome
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

gnome says: Helping someone and then seeing them smile, it can be a stranger or a family member, but the end result is worth the effort. Reply


Posted by: Di
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Di says: getting a spontaneous hug from my 13 month old Grand-daughter..:) Reply


Posted by: Barb
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Barb says: What makes me happy - seeing people I care about happy, my beautiful labrador Cassandra, a smile from a stranger, a hug, a good book, success with my craftwork, achievement at work, being alive and healthy, helping others, just where can you stop the list!!!!! Reply

Mumma Judes

Posted by: Mumma Judes
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Mumma Judes says: I just attended my dads funeral today and what gave me an instant high today was seeing all my family and friends all in the same place for the same purpose.. To say goodbye to the nicest gentleman you could ever meet. The love I felt in that chapel filled me with great joy. We laughed, we cried and shared a celebration of my dads life. So beautiful Reply


Posted by: Bigfoot
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

Bigfoot says: Watching my fishing float start to move and go under. Mind you hugs (FREE) from my wife come a VERY close second. LOL Reply


Posted by: lrgray
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

lrgray says: My answer is watching a really funny comedy, or a really moving movie like Braveheart. I can also get an instant high sometimes from the occasional joyful moment during surfing or golf. Reply


Posted by: MellissaD
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

MellissaD says: Hearing the laughter of my beautiful children. Reply


Posted by: anne72
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

anne72 says: people telling me how well i have raised my 16 year old son and the fact that im a single mum makes it all that more special. Reply


Posted by: anne72
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

anne72 says: people telling me how well i have raised my 16 year old son and the fact that im a single mum makes it all that more special. Reply


Posted by: angelmagick
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

angelmagick says: When my kids tell me they love me and im the best. Always makes my heart sing Reply


Posted by: anaussiemum
Posted: 20th Oct 2011

anaussiemum says: Listening to my children's laughter puts me on a high. Reply


Posted by: suzy
Posted: 21st Oct 2011

suzy says: Seeing my children and husband happy gives me the greatest joy in life. Reply


Posted by: Jill
Posted: 21st Oct 2011

Jill says: I get a high out of people caring and understanding my job. That may sound strange but I like it when people know how much I put into my work. I also get a high out of a good days shopping until I think about the money I have spent. Not because it's more than I can afford but because I am a careful spender. Love always gives me a high and I don't know if I am allow to say this but so does good know what...where both of you are happy at the end. Reply


Posted by: paradox
Posted: 21st Oct 2011

paradox says: Hi Rainbow, excellent post. I tell you what puts me on high. Every morning that I wake up and look at the love of my live, my wife of 46 years and mother of my 3 children. For as long I see her now character lined face, her sleep tousled hair next to me in the morning I'm on a high. we have loved each other from the first moment we made eye contact and still do so passionately. I hope that you can experience the same joy and happiness that I do. Reply

Tricki Vicki

Posted by: Tricki Vicki
Posted: 22nd Oct 2011

Tricki Vicki says: My children and my grandchildren fill my life with joy. They make me smile and realise that this is what it's all about. Reply


Posted by: cedar51
Posted: 22nd Oct 2011

cedar51 says: friends, taking the time to be with me.
freedom to do moreorless what I want, when I want... Reply


Posted by: ree
Posted: 22nd Oct 2011

ree says: Fist of all just to wake up,then spend the day with family or friends doing something we all enjoy doing weather it be going out or something at home Reply


Posted by: smokie
Posted: 22nd Oct 2011

smokie says: My dog who is always happy to see me. Both of them rush at me when I arrive home and love to cuddle in the mornings before I get out of bed. My girl comes up for a cuddle and to check and see I'm okay. When I'm sick they lay on the bed keeping watch.


Posted by: CoolChange_01
Posted: 23rd Oct 2011

CoolChange_01 says: Many things give me a natural high. Exercise is one, how great that feels for one's own body and mind. I also love singing for the public by going to karaoke. Singing is my passion, I thrive on it, makes me feel so good and at the same time if I can give that feeling to another then I have succeeded for more than myself. Another love is watching my finches, wrens and other birds use the bird bath. Their antics and enjoyment of the simple things such as water is so fulfilling, gives me a laugh. Reply


Posted by: ozziedigger
Posted: 24th Oct 2011

ozziedigger says: All i do is open the daily paper,spend a cranky makeing time reading it,then happily
consign that days news to the bin.I then look around,kick the dog and go back to bed.
grumpy ozziedigger Reply


Posted by: Meeka
Posted: 24th Oct 2011

Meeka says: Whenever I see my three Sons, four Grandaughters and two Grandsons they put me on an instant high and to see them growing up and happy thats all you can ask for. Reply


Posted by: HaggisKaz
Posted: 24th Oct 2011

HaggisKaz says: To relax, there's nothing like a walk along a beach on a wondy day, but the best buzz is definitely from helping others - doing something that makes their day. And if you are down, don't forget that your brain cannot tell the difference between real and fake laughter, so pretend to laugh. If noting else, it won't take long before you realise how stupid you sound, then you laugh for real!
Of course, a random hug (or even an asked for one) is great, but they are not always available when you need them most, are they? Reply


Posted by: Dei
Posted: 26th Oct 2011

Dei says: My son's smile & being asked to share things with him (he's just turned 18)


Posted by: Mel
Posted: 30th Oct 2011

Mel says: Working bees with my family are the best. Good times, good laughs and enjoying a cold beer (or three...) together at the end of the day while we look back on what we have achieved. Awesome times with the people I love the most :) Reply


Posted by: Kerry2036
Posted: 31st Oct 2011

Kerry2036 says: Just spending time with my daughters talking, shopping and laughing. Reply


Posted by: legend59
Posted: 7th Nov 2011

legend59 says: Granchildren are a bessing in my life, health, sanity and my precious wife - Lucia !! Learning how to be better man through Meditation & Buddhism !! Reply


Posted by: sneakierbiscuit
Posted: 13th Nov 2011

sneakierbiscuit says: I have two small children, so rarely get time alone, but I'm highly introverted. What puts me on an instant high is time blessedly alone. A quiet walk by the ocean, time to cozy in bed with a book. Guaranteed to bring me a deep, quiet joy. Reply


Posted by: hellanol
Posted: 14th Nov 2011

hellanol says: sitting in a rain forest next to a waterfall, heaven Reply


Posted by: tamsternt
Posted: 21st Nov 2011

tamsternt says: Watching my beautiful 16 week old Twin Girls talk to each other in their own babble and laughing together, (secrets already) I love the warm bubbly feeling of pride at my blessed creations of life. Reply


Posted by: Helen
Posted: 22nd Nov 2011

Helen says: Being with my Children.
I have 5 left, one died and I miscarried another.
they are aged 34 to 11 , and I have a son inlaw and a daughter inlaw and 2 grandsons aged 12 and 10. when we are able to be together, its just lovely ! Reply


Posted by: Mondayitis
Posted: 22nd Nov 2011

Mondayitis says: Playng with my two puppies they are a lot of fun Reply


Posted by: Di
Posted: 22nd Nov 2011

Di says: What puts me on an instant high and makes me feels the best in the whole wide world is when my youngest daughter tells me "I love you to infinity and back mum" Reply


Posted by: Huk
Posted: 22nd Nov 2011

Huk says: I get a high out of helping people because I do a lot of fund raising
for kids in sport and people who need help


Posted by: stevensnan
Posted: 22nd Nov 2011

stevensnan says: My grandchildren. They bring me such joy. I have 5, two that I live with at present and three that I only see occasionally. However just thinking about any of them makes me smile. Reply


Posted by: wabbit
Posted: 22nd Nov 2011

wabbit says: a long walk in the morning with my dog after going to the gym, with both resulting in chatting with lots of different people (and dogs), then being free to potter around the garden after a great home-made plunger coffee whilst the weather isn't too warm Reply

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