Go back in time 200 years. ALL foods were organic. Organic basically means grown natural. Now come forward 200 years. Getting the picture so far. OK.Now go to your kitchen and read the ingredients that have been added to the packet or tin that are linked to lots and lots of preventable medical conditions. If your car mechanic treated your car the way food manufacturers treat your body you would be a very unhappy person. Our bodies were never designed to consume this stuff

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Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 6th Nov 2011

says: i dont know. Reply


Posted by: david
Posted: 8th Nov 2011

david says: rubbish?give me the proof wher all additives are harming our some areas you cannot grow vegetables because of soil fertilizers are used.all of which have human and animal fertilizers addedfertilizers farmsmake 100s of tons per day.some of this waste comes from human farms and the parts used are separated and treated from normal opinion organic food is a waste of good money Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 14th Feb 2012

says: Yes you dont know whats going into your body today even the produce apples etc are sprayed. Look at the case overseas where they were putting mallimide or whatever it was into milk, my sister wont buy biscuits unless made in N.Z. All I can say is we live in an awful age was so much better years ago but I believe times were tuff too and it was also safer!! thx Marilyn Reply

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