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  • Bigfoot
    Posted on:
    8th Feb 2012 05:07pm

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    I have just read a book by Clive Cussler, there is a cult mentioned as part of the story named Responsivists. They believe that the only threat to the earth is not climate change but too many people. While they try to murder a large proportion of the world (Which I don't agree with), I do believe that they are right in stating that the population of humans in the world is out of control. Having said that, I guess sooner or later there will be a plague, famine or world war to reduce us as has happened in the past. Reply

  • simla
    Posted on:
    30th May 2014 12:01am

    simla says: Hi Bigfoot, yes the world will tell us to 'get off'' if we do not do it ourselves.Consider, in the ancient past, there has been mass extinction many times, according to the archaeologists and anthropologists,
    Some think we are nearing such a time now, with the ever-present threats of war, plague and famine, drought and the like.
    Climate change threatens another ice age, with surface of the oceans temperature rising to a couple of degrees near Tasmania.Here in the south there are species venturing further south than ever before.This causes water vapor to rise, only to drop as snow in the Northern Hemisphere.
    Other threats to our existence, are the change of the magnetic field of Earth, from the current North. Compas will then point south. Some authorities say it is over due to happen, as it is some 700,000 years since a change, and the average is thought to be about 400,000 years. As the magnetic poles change there may be an unspecified amount of time where no magnetism is present. This presents a problem, as we know, Mars experiences an atmosphere of no or low magnetic fields, and is there-by exposed to solar radiation .Magnetic field protects us from suns solar flares and cosmic radiation.
    What will happen to Planet Earth with no protecting shield? We hope it restores itself quickly.It will disrupt navigation, ships, planes, bird migration, wales, and the electronic communications. Some reports say it is already weaker than normal and absent in some places in the ocean.
    Then there is the Nasser plan to anchor a huge asteroid, drag into the vicinity of the moon, anchor it there and use it as a launch pad to blast the huge 'possible Earth impacting' meteor heading our way in 2029, only 15 short years away.
    I'm afraid with all the threats to mankind and the Earth itself, we are indeed walking on the edge. The Earth will regenerate if these things happen, but will we all be here to see and experience it?

  • s
    Posted on:
    12th Oct 2014 03:37pm

    s says: We have not had a world war since the 1940's and in Sydney in the early 1950's my parents told me you could have your choice of jobs there was plenty for everyone.

    Doesn't china have a one baby policy?
    And the negative of this is if it is a girl I have heard that they are abandoned.

    What about aids? Ebola? (was not a threat when you wrote)
    In the past in Australia we have got rid of Polio, etc through vaccination.

  • Bigfoot
    Posted on:
    12th Oct 2014 09:18pm

    s says: We have not had a world war since the 1940's and in Sydney in the early 1950's my parents told me you could have your choice of jobs there was plenty for everyone.

    Doesn't china have a one...

    Bigfoot says: Hi S, you are right about the China 1 baby policy, and abandoning the baby girls is a terrible thing to do, you are also right about plenty of jobs. I came here in 1970 and in my first day of looking, I had the choice of 3 jobs, unfortunately we now have a welfare system that babies young people to not go to work, also, unless we put tariffs back on imported products jobs will get scarcer than ever. You mention Aids and Ebola, no real problems, worldwide technology will find a cure or be able to slow it down to a trickle.

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